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    My little secret was buying the Norelco 8900 (not available in NZ) which uses the same shaving heads (SH90/62) as the 9000 series you posted. $165NZD delivered from Amazon, doesn't come with any of the less used accessories nor did I bother with the cleaning system.

    Had it five months, traveled with it without charging, use it for dry or wet/shower shave and have nothing much bad to say about it. I even have myself a travel shaver I don't use because I prefer this one.

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    Ended up with the Braun 9290c in the end

    Main deciding factor was to try something new, I don't like where the Philips heads have gone in the last few years, the latest models all have a lot of space between the blade heads making it harder to target small areas like under the nose

    The Braun has some accessory benefits, the cleaning cartridge system refills are cheaper and the replacement shaver heads are cheaper

    Pretty happy with the shave, causes less irritation than the rotary shaver and it shaves way closer to the skin and the clean afterwards is simple, leaves the heads with a nice citrus fresh smell and re-oiled for the next use - also the Braun removed more hair in each pass and required fewer passes

    Also the overall build quality of the Braun is higher, confirmed this by feeling the lower end display models as well, they are heavier and feel more "solid" than the flimsy Philips shavers - suppose its that "built in Germany"
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    Hey guys,

    Have been using a dry shaver for years due to cost and efficiency however what I have now is on its way out. Has gone blunt and has started to irritate my skin due to how many passes I have to make to get a decent shave.

    So, until I have the funds to invest in a new dry shaver I thought I'd try my hand at wet shaving again. Can anyone suggest a razor + foam? I'd like the foam to be as gentle as possible as I already destroy my face with benzyl peroxide wash.


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    6 month review

    Very happy with the braun 9290c catches more hair than the Phillips, leaves less rash and requires fewer passes
    Th cleaning station is awesome and the blades are still sharp

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    I'm a bit of a wet shaving pleb having used disposables and mach 3s in the past but I have switched to using Maggard razor's V3 closed comb head on one of their MR7 handles.

    Soap wise I tried their London barbershop and some cheap Palmolive For Men Shave Cream (either worked fine for me).

    Redness hasn't been much of an issue but sometimes I use a little aloe - up to you, I have enjoyed it so far.

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    Cheers dude.

    Do any local type shops sell those kind of razors? Are chemists likely to stock them? Or are they usually the type of item you have to order online?

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    Does anyone use Dollar Shave Club?

    Or is that like blasphemy in here?

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    Rii wrote:
    Cheers dude.

    Do any local type shops sell those kind of razors? Are chemists likely to stock them? Or are they usually the type of item you have to order online?
    I'm not sure chemist shops would stock them but your local barber may well do and possibly menswear stores, if that isn't an option there are quite a few on trademe etc in the $30 to $50 range for the brands Merkur, Pearl, Parker (Muhle is bit more expensive around $60) etc

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    Haisley wrote:
    Does anyone use Dollar Shave Club?

    Or is that like blasphemy in here?
    I just started using them last month, bloody fantastic!

    I went with the 4 blade and tried there butter and post shave cream. I have tried a variety of razors over the years, prettt much settling in he Gillette 5 blade thingy, but the 4 blade dollar shave club is easily the best shave Iíve had. The post shave cream is great.

    If you want to give it a try they do a $5 referral for plebs like me already using it http://fbuy.me/iA0iU

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    Got my first proper haircut in 15 years, been doing it myself since I was a kid. Feels good man. Also got a beard trim too

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    Yo anyone use dollar shave club?

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Yo anyone use dollar shave club?
    ^^^ 2 posts up.

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    Thought I'd slightly resurrect this thread for some up to date advice if any still reads it.

    Ran out of my shaving cream which was bluebeards revenge which I liked, but I might try a different one. And while I'm at it I will probably buy some other bits and pieces too.

    Shaving Cream
    Blades (Goodfella DE)
    Facewash (probably some sort of exfoliating type)
    Post shave balm or moisturiser that doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing sunscreen (Nivea for men)

    Feel free to throw in any other bits you'd recommend in terms of shower gels or deodorant whatever. Willing to try something a bit better than supermarket brand stuff.

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    I bought a $7 Rimei DE a couple of years ago from Aliexpress just to try it, see if it would work for me - it’s been great, and I’ve never felt any need to update it for one that’s 10 times what it cost me.

    I use Proraso and an Omega brush when I’m in the bath, and a cheap Palmolive supermarket shave cream when I’m in the shower (the shave cream is great, way better than the price would imply).

    Feather blades, and the Nivea after shave balm, and that’s pretty much me.

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    Taylors of old bond street sandalwood is my go to shaving cream:
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    Been trying lots of shaving soap lately and found some decent local soap makers, Aoraki Naturals and Saba both have really good performing shave soaps. Australian private reserve is also very excellent though less local.
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