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    Anyo replaced an old gameboy game battery?

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully done this as I have a few games that batt needs replacing. Can you get a tool to open them up or did you just have to improvise?

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    I got a game bit off eBay that you just slip into a driver (or you could just use it on its own). However many people improvise by using needle nose pliers to grab the small notches and twist it off, or casting the melted end of a Bic pen into the security screw, letting it set, and then using it as a temporary bit.

    As for the battery, I'd recommend getting one with tabs so you can just solder the old one off and the new one on. I gonna plain CR2025 for my Pokemon Crystal but ripping the tabs off the original was way too messy.

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    I have used the pliers, it's not exactly the easiest way, I think you can get the screwdriver thingy pretty cheap. Yeah a battery with the tabs would be way easier to swap out, but I think they are harder to find.

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    Thanks for the replies. I might try solder in a proper battery holder if there is enough room

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    Reviving this 6yr old thread: Anyone willing to provide this service for a fee? I have 3 games that need battery replacement... I don't own the tools and have no other need for a soldering iron.

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    You don't need a soldering iron. Just cut the tabs off the old battery, replace the battery, then place the tab over the battery and screw the case shut over it.