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    steam id: snafoolol


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    Steam I Updog

    (My second alt, already in high >:/)

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    steam id: shwarz767

    played alot of dota 1 but newish to dota 2

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    Relatively new.

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    steamid: bleenk

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    Hey guys I'm new to gp forums, played Dota since the good wc3 days. the teamplay (sometimes) and the competitiveness in Dota 2. Always into pub-stomping .
    Add me if you're k2p!

    STEAMI Blolzing

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    steamid : yitking - unrl (dota2 name)

    add me up for funtimes.

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    SteamI Nusaei

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    Feel free to chuck my steamID in there too: Infernalsoul007

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    been playing dota for about 6-7 years. hit me up


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    sept1c / septic

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    just started playing again

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    Taylor. > Stormrage or Billie. > Stormrage

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    STEAM: shadowsl4y3r
    Alias: ix / inoxx

    k2p with party

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    i actively play still

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    mp9036- emporio

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    No longer active.

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    Steamname/Dota name = OldWick

    Looking for a few extra to play with, also thinking about making a team to enter the Cybergamer ladder for a bit of fun, could prob use another 1-2 players if any one feels like playing semi competitive.

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    For those of you wanting to take a team to the next level, I have just teamed up with a sponsor to provide Regular tournaments for NZ and Aus.
    I will be mainly focussed on NZ.
    Anyway, the first even will be sometime between now and February next year(i know a long time). No dates as of yet, as we are still gauging the numbers.
    There will be cash money prizes, so if you have a team you think could do well, or just want to have a little fun;
    Join OCNZ - Dota 2 on facebook or steam

    Or add me directly on steam

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    If anyone wants a game, dont ever be afraid to ask (I'm prettymuch always around my pc when im not at work :P)

    The Collector™

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    Have played ~300 games with 50% win/loss.
    add me if u fancy some support