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    Here are some useful links for the Dota2 community - feel free to suggest your own and if they get majority support or I think they're good I'll add them. I might categorize these abit more later. These are all the ones I can think of off the top of my head:


    Official Dota2 Blog - Valve's blog posts on Dota2 are here and likely soon they'll also be putting their coverage of the International 2 through here.

    Dota2 Dev Forums - If you want to be on the cutting edge of finding out stuff the dev forums is usually a good place to start, especially if they go back to a test/release schedule. Some devs post at a reasonable rate here too.

    PlayDotA - Has handy info on unreleased heroes, and includes the official forums for the first game, hero guides and for balance for both games.

    Competitive Dota

    JoinDota - Even if you're not a fan of Tobi, this is an improving and pretty decent site to see what competitive games are on

    ESFI's competitive hero tier list I was abit iffy about putting this on, but I do enjoy reading this light look at competitive trends every month or so. They also usually do a team tier list.

    DotA Academy somewhat similar to the Dota2 stats website, but for competitive matches.

    Other Dota

    Dota2 Wiki - Looks like this is the current popular wiki, it has alot of useful information already - my favourite is going to heroes and checking out the voice responses.

    Dota2 Stats - For the stats whores among us. Look up a player, look up yourself, see how certain heroes are trending afew days after they release or where a hero winrate goes after a counter is released etc. Can slow down your computer abit on first load of the DB if its not a newer one if you search for players.

    Dota2 Reddit Community - I'm not a fan of reddit in alot of ways, there is too much circlejerk, but this subreddit is still at this point a pretty good aggregator of news/curiosities

    DotaCinema YouTube Page - Weekly top tens, top ten fails, some other top tens, hero overviews when they come out, occasional guides, somewhat endorsed by Valve. Not a bad channel.

    Cyborgmatt's Blog - Want to see what the latest patch added in full including the back end? Find it here.

    Dotaholic - A handy site with some nice templates and a useful set of info in its database, including items in the client that might not be available for purchase yet and some good stats.

    Dotafire - Another place to check out guides for Dota2 (Some of PlayDotAs can be pretty outdated).

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    Can you add Dotaholic and Dota Academy to your list thanks ?

    Dotaholic is good for items etc (Trading style).
    and Dota Academy has great stats on recent pro games.

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    Added, haven't used dotaholic before really, but looks good, and thanks for the reminder on dota-academy.

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    I use dotaholic to see what items are in client but not mentioned etc, so i know what MIGHT be coming in the future

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    #5 for hero guides and stuff.

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    during dota , shift tab , open dotafire, choose a guide, profit

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    Are there any decent dota2 mechanics sites?

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    As in stuff like damage reduction calculations and stuff?

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    yea, the little weird things about which ability's go through what, when they actually shouldn't, etc.

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    I really don't know if there is a site with everything laid out nicely like that. I always just thought you gained that kind of knowledge from reading forums and sharing with others :/

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    Hey guys heres some links to my page for those who want entertainment. Im a kiwi Dota 2 player who has recently started making edits from replays. Feel free to check out my channel here. and remember to like and subscribe if you enjoyed watching. I have also just made a facebook page if you want all my recent updates. Cheers

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    thx a lot

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    Thanks for sharing. Learn much from them.

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    Thanks for sharing this sites. Thumbs up to you guys
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    #15 or for betting and streaming dota games

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    Anyone know of any NZ dota streamers? keen for something a bit more local.

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    dota cinema (youtube) fails for those who love dota. I don't even play anymore and still find it entertaining to watch their content.

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    Purge, you suck at dota guide:

    Very useful for new / learning players.

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    Many thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing