Item Trade Thread

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    All the freebies are mine kthanx. ill b on tmoro to pick them up

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    1 per person, no hogs.

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    aZ_Shen-Zhen wrote:
    Bracer of purist champion
    Stone Loins

    Trade 1:1
    Radiant Crystal Pauldrons
    Chestplate Of The Hierophant
    add me "ak"

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    Insolvent wrote:
    Thought a thread like this will come in handy

    Anyway i'll kick it off...Currently have one tiny ice elemental infusion

    Will trade for tidehunter bone items (Not weapon or helm) or any other interesting offers!
    i offer a tide pirate hat and items

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    Any 1 have dota2 invites (tradables)
    i have good offer

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    I need the ice burst cloak for drow , let me know if you got it

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    Yo shen, how much is this "vice of the west" item worth?

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    2 keys 3 if you lucky (It was 4-5 yesterday but the prices drop when more are around, and the items are EVERYWHERE already)

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    Have these for trade. PM me.

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    What is your user name?

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    Username tommos123

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    anyone have a free beta key for my friend? )

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    I have a pudge hook too, pm me if you wanna try get it off me

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    Sill have a tradable invite up for grabs...

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    *edit* got it =]

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    but u will look cool in ur dota 2 t shirt tho. lol

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    I already have 4 coming, dont need more is what im saying :P

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    Looking for Treasure Of Profound Mysteries and 1x Strange Modifier - Sunstrike Kills

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    Looking to trade these items.

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    Steam I scatter_d

    Beards are both strange.
    John D. Rockefeller award for philanthropic wanks

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    If anyone wants any of my stuff, let me know. Going to keep the pudge and tiny skin for now. Also got a Dota2 Invite for trade

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    ^ just gimmi all plz

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    hahah, anything you want in particular? I have no qualms trading my doubles for sure

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    The cool looking invoker set with the black hood :-)