Item Trade Thread

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    anyone have the grey hood for invoker? and the matching bracers?

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    Anyone got a Pudge hook for trade? Offering 6 keys.

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    Looking for a Red Luminous Gaze Wardog or a Red Searing Essence Stumpy, will trade my legacy Teal Wardog/Teal Stumpy 1:1. Just looking to complete the colour palette and i have a double up on Teal

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    Looking to trade a bunch of items for chests. PM me if you have a bunch you are about to delete.

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    I've got tons of chests ^

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    yeah i've got heaps as well. pm me if you still need

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    Forgot i added the Looking for here.


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    Looking to trade items for blue/red essence.

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    anyone want to trade for

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    if anyones interested

    Items redded out cause I use those :P

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    got a double up out of chest anyone want to trade for it?

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    Trading Elemental Ice Infusion Tiny Skin for rares or direkey

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    uncommon items to trade.

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    I need 2 yellow essences.. have a blue essence for trade and at least 9 normal chests, and 1 diretide chest along with a few rares.

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    I have 2 Yellow and need 3 blue, steam link below.

    Also have 3 red essences, not being used.

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    why are people collecting chests? is there anotherway to open them without buying keys?

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    the only way to open them is to buy keys. if ur not gonna open them give to me please :]

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    im keen on few chests and items also.

    have essences, empty egg and the items above to trade. 2 x the warlock dire 2012 lantern.

    also have a copy of dota 2 to trade (if thats poss)

    add me - THE ROCK #Joocy.Gaming (

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    edit: all done

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    Have a Tickled Tegu, looking to trade for 2 Diretide Keys or 3 Normal Keys.

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    selling items as a package deal. add me on steam if interested

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    Selling items as a package deal. add me on steam if interested gioooooooo

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    have 5x red 5 x yellow and 5 x blue essences if anyone wants to trade message me today.

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    Ive got lots of uncommons/rares/essences and an unusual essence. I'm keen for keys and mythical couriers.

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    Essence gone, traded it for some unusual yak courier