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    yay - just what we need - another proprietary "content delivery system"

    call me old - but **** i miss the days where you could stick in a licence key and simply run the game itself without any interference from parent applications and pre requisites just to prove you arent a criminal

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    doesn't ubisoft software install some rootkit with this uPlay stuff??

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    yeah apparently - it was the source of problem that they patched up recently - whether they removed the rootkit or just patched the problem and the rootkit is still there im not sure though

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    why couldn't they just use steam?

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    I don't buy Ubisoft games because I think their DRM is bad, and makes their games unplayable. This doesn't look like a step in the right direction to me.

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    I bought From Dust for $1 and will do the same for Driver:SF when its $1 this weekend. I will then crack them and ignore the DRM entirely. Its what I do with every game that has shit DRM.