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    **** that loser.

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    Bt wrote:
    **** that loser.
    Lol came in for this.

    Good read

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    Bt wrote:
    **** that loser.
    Solid first response is solid.

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    I really want to send Jay Wilson some hate-mail.

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    Someone had to do it.

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    **** YOU BT

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    so that if we raise the level cap in the future, your Paragon levels would stay untouched and would still benefit.
    Omg stop filling Diablo 3 with this ****ing WoW bull crap!

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    I'm glad i got out with my refund when i could.

    Does this mean they have completely scrapped MF as an item stat?

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    The idea is to phase it out, I believe.

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    Potentially its a fantastic idea for some people, for others their wallets are already hurting but thems the breaks in a game that is receiving love regularly.

    They're definitely taking steps in the right direction to resolve some of the problems people had at launch and had GW2 not just launched i'd be playing D3 as my mainstay right now.