The Trailer Thread

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    The Trailer Thread

    So yeah, post some trailers, maybe leave a comment or something.

    Bret McKenzie + Hamish without Andy, become, serial killers...?

    This movie is already out, but it's awesome
    It's sort of like Jackass, but with a plot, and Dutch. (also see New Kids Nitro)

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    -HB wrote:
    Bret McKenzie + Hamish without Andy, become, serial killers...?
    A GPUSER's brother was involved in this as a trainee director

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    Good idea for a thread.

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    An extremely hard film to track down:

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    Documentary about Molotov/Mexico released this year. Still trying to track it down.

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    Angry Clint Eastwood and cute Amy Adams? YES PLOX

    Yea boi. Love Marion. Loved Tell No One.

    TIFF has been putting up some trailers. Their lineup looks good:

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    Noomi Rapace, Rachel McAdams, Brian De Palma. Very intrigued.

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    Toby Jones makes a pretty good Hitchcock...

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    spotted this, apparently coming out this year. The trailer is really old, not even sure if real...
    Was a Sinbad fan as a kid.

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    I think Cryocore made a thread. And in the thread I also told him about the Sinbad series on Sky TV (in the UK at the moment). I've been watching it. Really liking it. It's darker than a normal kids show (like Robin Hood?). But is still a lot of fun. Reminds me of Xena in many ways.

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    Oh good find, that looks awesome!!

    The doco on him is a good watch as well, he's a really ****ed up guy.

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    Viggo Mortensen, Soledad Villamil, Ana Piterbarg?

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    -HB wrote:
    Bret McKenzie + Hamish without Andy, become, serial killers...?
    Apparently, the Invercargill City Council were paying the media to cover the premiere last night.

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    ^^ I actually enjoyed the last one. I liked the new approach and had some good action. I lol'd at the 'derp Andrew got brought back from genetic engineering' and cringe when I see hom back in yet another movie. Even more so with JCVD dressed like an actual clown. And being the bad guy. Though Scott Adkins is one of my favorite action stars (See him in Undisputed 2 + 3 .. and soon 4 as Yuri Boyka.. and also in Ninja) so I'm keen to see him in it .. I hear his role in Expendables 2 was minimal.

    Here's another from Takashi Miike. Cant find an English subbed trailer on youtube though.

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    The Iceman looks awesome, Michael Shannon's goatee = best goatee

    Spotted this one today, Pacino/Walken odd couple comedy? Yes please

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    Throwing this in here, 'cause I'm excited for it ^_^

    A [indie?] doco on Jodorowsky's Dune that never saw the light of day:

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    Lold at the kinect (not for shitness, but was waiting for something like that to pop up)

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    ^that looks lame. I didn't even know they made a 3rd one.

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    Three friends locked in a sauna.

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    Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Gerard Butler, Seann William Scott, Uma Thurman, Kristen Bell, Richard Gere...

    Are making a ****ing terrible movie

    The homeschool bit looked alright, but the rest =

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    Pxndx wrote:
    ^that looks lame. I didn't even know they made a 3rd one.
    It was appalling. I loved the first one, liked the second, could barely watch the 3rd.

    Been hearing really good feedback on the latest universal solider funnily enough. The trailer looks terribad but the action is apparently top knotch. Love me some Scott Adkins.

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    Speaking of Adkins, this series looks like all kinds of b grade awesome