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    Kind of long shot, but just wondering if anyone had the gear.

    Also if anyone needs any workshop manuals for their Peugeot / Citroen I have managed to get a copy so let me know.

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    PDFs or hardcopy?

    Also, wtf is Peugeot Planet? I don't want to go there.

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    It's basically a OBD2 reader with some special software to interact with Peugeot ECUs so you can do shit like enabling cruise control after retrofitting the appropriate hardware for example

    Soft copy, it's a web application. I've rolled it into a VM and you'll need VMware player to use it. It contains service tolerances / exploded parts diagrams for every Peugeot and Citroen from like 1994.

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    That would certainly be handy, I imagine the whole thing is rather large though?

    Would certainly be something that would be useful to have at work when you need it, especially odd ball French shit. Just need more info on Italians too.

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    I have a Carsoft one for BMW... I can open the sunroof with it. How useful.

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    Nice.. I guess it's pretty useful in the long run. antil33t does yours function as a run-of-the-mill OBD2 reader too? Would be useful so I can loan it out to others in need.

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    That isn't the same as What I got, I got the BMW Specific one... it's only for BMW's unfortunately, unless you can find some other software to use it with? it has an OBD-II plug (and the 21pin BMW connector)

    I'd be looking up for others that have bought that thing first. the car-soft ones lots of people had got before with good results.

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    I now have a Peugeot Planet/Citroen Lexia interface. Hit me up if anyone needs to borrow

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    hi L@mer, sorry to resurrect an old thread, do you still have Lexia? I've just acquired a Pug 407 SW 2.7Hdi, I've got the annoying TPMS error coming up and woudl like to clear it, but I would love to see what Lexia can do in general do, I was going to purchase it myself but if there isn't a lot to configure not sure if its worth it.
    I have Carista and can change some options for my Passat and the wifes 120i, but nothing is configurable on the Pug, which is a shame.

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    Hi, Unfortunately my interface broke a few months ago.

    There is quite a bit of config to be done unfortunately. The shithouse software that they use only runs well on Windows XP, I run it as a VM on my Windows 10 laptop.

    I reckon you should get one if you’ve got a Pug/Citroen. Generic scan tools can’t do everything this can. When I bought from eBay it includes all the software on a CD-ROM.

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    cheers, I'll hunt one out then.