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    Ramza wrote:
    Yeeeeah buddy

    Have been very impressed by the stuff released so far, can't say I've ever been this amped for an album before.

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    30 second previews here -

    Pretty close to release day and no leak yet.

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    Only 2 days now

    Not even a leak yet, probably wont even bother listening to a leak since its so close.

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    Tisn't it coming out on the 13th?

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    This could easily be my album of the year. Been a couple contenders that haven't lived up to potential so far.

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    mafro wrote:
    Tisn't it coming out on the 13th?
    JB Hi-fi says 9th.

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    Venomoose wrote:
    JB Hi-fi says 9th.

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    Just leaked a few minutes ago.

    Not that I know anything about that of course

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    Oh my god it's so good. Like, amazingly good.

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    **** me this is soo ****ing good. ****!

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    i caved in and downloaded it. Listened to it about 3 times now.

    Soooo good, album of the year for me probably.

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    Sif you ***gots didn't wait and buy it. But i'm glad to hear it's so good

  13. Yelling
    4th listen... keeps getting better. They've done it again

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    Released on iTunes this morning. SHIT THIS IS

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    Not sure if i should bother pre ordering now, not keen on waiting 4 to 6 weeks with no tracking for the shirt and lithograph. Especially at $56.

    I'm probably just gonna buy the album on it's own at this point.

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    I dont have itunes, waiting for it to pop up on 7digital or marbecksdigital.

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    That is all.

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    Waiting to pick it up today......

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    Dem riffs

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    Lost for words, their best album easily.

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    Awesomeness. Not claiming best album yet, only listened through once. Damn good though

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    Rosemary into Goon Squad

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    I listened to it like 5 or 6 times yesterday, every time I hear it I have a new favourite. Swerve City, Entombed, Rosemary, all SO GOOD.