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    Strongly disagree on best yet. Black and White 1 was better than this not to mention earlier generations.

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    Why do you say that kranas?

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    There are some nice little enhancements but the plot for this one is insipid even for a pokemon game and it doesn't really add enough new stuff to be called 2 IMO. Not a bad game by any stretch (if you are a pokemon fan you will have fun with this just like any other), but it doesn't change up anything enough to be called the best pokemon game yet, and its hard to see any new pokemon standing up to gold/silver in particular so far.

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    I'm surprised that JC thinks so highly of this game. The core Pokemon RPGs have barely evolved since the 1st generation of games (pun not intended).

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    That is mostly true, fans have always defended it by saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

    But Black and White represented the first real leap in innovation to the formula in a long time, Black and White 2 merely extends from that, rather than leaping again.

    I hope the next iteration (hopefully on 3ds) takes another drastic leap.