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    ^ And oh God that young banker dude that Vinnie and Nicole went to see - such bad acting, much cringe. Can't believe he said "Computer says no".

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    Yeah was pathetic, also just change your bank lol, be plenty of others that would hook you up for changing to them ...

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    What, break your mortgage with your bank for a $15k top-up? Would be a hassle and expensive.

    I found the young banker dude scene lol AF. The way they shot it was pure comedy as well, innovative for Shortland St.

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    Didn't take much for Jack to change his perspective of the super gay.

    Bet they will bang...

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    New gay guy is actually the stalker and the straight guy he fancies is Finn.

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    ^ good call!

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    WTF at Drew's attempts to portray badminton as a less than manly pursuit. It's an awesome sport.

    ^ good call!
    +1. It's too good tho, you're like my wife - she always guesses what's gon happen next and im like if you're guessing the plot correctly that's tantamount to spoiling it.

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    Maaaaaaate. Mate. It's Shortland Street - surely you don't give that much of a f**k about the plot being spoiled? I mean, it's not Breaking Bad or The Sopranos!!! smh

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    Oh i care all right. I care a lot.

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    ^ such a blouse

    I'll watch it if it's on, like if we're having dinner, but i peel out to do my own thing a lot of the time. Last night it was to play Rocksmith (learning some Skid Row tracks).

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    i havent watched it live for years. We always MySky it.

    MySky is my favourite invention of the 21st century

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    Frederick James wrote:
    ^ such a blouse
    You've seen the title of this thread, right?

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    El leon cree que todos son de su condicion.

    To wit;

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    How are these people not putting it together who the stalker is :/ A doctor's supposed to be intelligent.

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    Gerter wrote:
    New gay guy is actually the stalker and the straight guy he fancies is Finn.
    Called it! Nice work fella!

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    Them crazy homosexuals.