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    I've been excited for this since the EB expo, multiplayer as marines is scarily intense

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    I just hope that when playing online with random people that it isn't all just gungho and everyone just runs in random directions. I love the scenes in the Aliens world where it starts off all slow like and you start hearing pips and everyone's freaking, and then suddenly it's all action.

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    Yeah it depends on how smart/stupid your team is. At the expo it seemed people naturally grouped together, although I hid in a corner which I presumed was safe in since I was sure I had a full view of the room and have more than enough time to react with the shotgun. After shooting a few passing aliens I got slaughtered from the roof(which I was looking at, came at me from a blindspot). Humans die easily but go down hard in group so aliens have to pick them off one by one but marines can be scattered by the crusher which was terrifying. Plus you have to choose between motion sensor or your gun, so mics help where 1 or 2 people use motion trackers ready and the other have shotguns/grenade launchers ready.