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    Username: Waxdec

    S3 elo: 1622.

    Looking for a duo que partner that is at least 1550 CURRENT RATING.

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    GPName: w(oO)t

    LOLname: MrWooticus

    S2: Gold
    S3: 1493

    other: Play late night NZ time, would love a late night team

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    GP: exis
    LoL: deyur

    Level 30

    Don't play ranked

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    w(oO)t wrote:
    other: Play late night NZ time, would love a late night team
    That's actually a good idea. I normally play between 10pm-1am most nights.

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    yeah, I've got +1 in the form of my girlfriend, so we only need a couple more who are on at that time regularly

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    I am normally on after work at about 10-30PM if you guys wanna have a go at thrashing ranked 5's.

  7. Yelling
    Stridey wrote:
    Good to see you here Ben! Get as many others signed up and involved yo!
    Good community of players here!
    ty for bringing this site to my attention xD

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    EasySimpleCool - 1427 atm.

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    King of Loss - Level 30 unranked in S3

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    add me bitches im like god without skill

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    calintz 1500 s3

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    Trikkei - only 23 Atm, stopped ages ago because although I like the game the community was a bit of a turn off. Started up again pretty much cause of this subforum.

    Keen on some casual/normal games with NZ'ers.

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    I added you to the list. Keep an eye on the Inhouse thread for organised group games, otherwise hang out in the Gameplanet channel in the in-game chat.

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    RATMONKEYsnap - RATMONKEYsnap- lvl 13

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    GP username: mad1boy23
    LoL: HoodLimb

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    do rails

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    Just started playing LoL since S3 started.

    LoL name: Kiwiziwi lvl10

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    Snailed - Lvl 30 Unraked S3, been playing 1.5 years.

    I normally play between 8-11.30pm most nights.

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    LoL Name: fady3N
    Pref champs: Jax, Morde

    Looking for a new serious ranked team. Have plenty of exp

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    Oy victorious, you missed me... I'm down the bottom of the first page

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    lol name : cryovak

    level 10, only been playing for a month or so

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    Sorted you out Celtic ^_^

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    Pseudomyrmex, 82 wins 73 loses, 1205 elo.

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    badcompanynz - Level 30 - 1325 elo. Oh, and I live in America now.

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    Vaiflow - Lvl 30 - 1208 elo.