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    TrumpetsGo wrote:
    Hi everyone My name is Eric Lets play League Of Legends..
    Play being the thing... It's just a game lol. #ragequit

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    Lol yeah

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    Did you miss the BEST LCS GAME in times? (last night TSM)
    For the people who are interested, also improving their play or just for fun, watch it here! (I reuploaded it minus the commercials)

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    what supports app you usually use on your android?

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    victorious wrote:
    As an AD Carry, I find the early Vamp Scetre essential. That lifesteal can save your life man. But yeah it usually gets saved for the later BT, or sometimes Executioner's Calling if I don't think I can keep the stacks. Wriggles is rare on an AD carry as it'll delay the Infinity Edge/Phantom Dancer that is usually the core of your build. It is very common Audacity Find My iPhone Origin on junglers, and sometimes seen on top laners though. I have seen AD carries in low-level games build Madred's Razors early on however, as it will help you tear through Dragon. Not common though, the guy I saw do it was clearly smurfing, and basically playing with the mindset of not having to rely on anyone else on his team.

    This will almost definitely change in S3, as Vamp Sceptre is basically doubling in cost, and will build out of long sword.

    Just as a DISCLAIMER for any advice I give (and others are more than welcome to chime in in this thread), I am not a high level player, and frequently play terribly. I've just been playing for a while (two years), and spend a fair bit of time reading about the game, here, on reddit and on other forums. I enjoy playing all roles in the game, and like to think I have a bit of experience and knowledge with it.

    The thing with Darius is, even if he gets dominated early on, the nature of his ult means he will always be a threat in late-game teamfights and possibly be able to claw his way back, it's just the way it is.
    So a 'season' is roughly a year's worth of play time. 'Season 2' started last November, and ended with the World Champs in October this year. It officially ended with the patch after that, in early November (Patches happen every 2-3 weeks, usually introducing new champions and buffs/nerfs to existing champions).
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