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    Nintendo Accounts and User IDs

    UPDATE: It's unclear exactly how the new account system will work but you can go to your account now and set a user id for use with the Switch. Once it's clear we can update the list to reflect any relevant changes.

    I think this was a good suggestion by BahnNZ in the Wii U thread, so I'll try maintain a list here for our Nintendo Network IDs so we can add each other.
    Post yours here and I'll make an alphabetical list and keep updating it as more people post.

    Remember, if you're on a Wii U, to invite people through Miiverse search instead of Friends List - this way you don't have to both add each other, you'll just be able to send or accept a request!

    GP Forums Name - Nintendo Network ID (SW-ID)
    BahnNZ - BahnNZ
    bang ya dead - BanGynz
    Braveheart_NZ - BTM_Kiwi
    Buffy Summers - Gesellschaft420
    Crow#Zero - (SW-5956-3933-4584)
    Etern4l_Kaze - KazeNZ
    falco - ahungryewok
    Haydinho - Haydinho
    Hitokirix101 - L30n1da5
    iludez - Ludez 
    InquisitorZim - Smit
    JAFA - jafanz
    Jay Jay - Mister_JJ
    JC - nzjc420
    Johnny Mac - J_Sharp
    keewee - keywee11
    l33t k1w1 - nz.Skee
    MissTascha - MissTascha German
    mrhaboobi - Cookie
    MtthewQinn - MtthewQinn
    Oldtime boy - easternnz
    onizero - kenshiroro
    Peagles - Peagles
    Pulley - (SW-8505-6990-2309)
    [email protected] - R3DM4NZ
    Radian8 - Radian8
    Rekal - Rekal12
    Rekuja - (SW-6597-2168-8688)
    seboat - theseb
    Shinoya - AdApt.Project.D
    sid_oh - sidoh69
    SiL - (SW-4898-2051-4704)
    Soulsbane - whitepoo
    Sting - LinkNZ (SW-4823-5180-3430)
    stumpynuts - Fred_e_mac
    TALOON - TALooN55
    terrigenas - Terrigenas
    unco12 - Super_Scouse
    zero_shiki - slimbo
    Zjet - Zjetgamer
    ZonerDude - TySVee
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    If you go through miiverse instead of the friend list on your home menu, you can send a proper friend request. Just discovered this. User menu search, works unless the user is hidden.

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    I got Matthew to sticky the thread makes life easier find IDs and such

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    Hitokirix101 wrote:

    I got Matthew to sticky the thread makes life easier find IDs and such
    Good idea, thanks!

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    Mine is: LinkNZ

    And yea maybe put a note saying to do it through Miiverse search instead of Friends List as apparently that sends the other guy a request and is a much more 'normal' way of doing it (finally) instead of having to contact the guy saying I added you so he can add you and blah blah lol.

    Gonna go test it out soon!

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    I don't know anyone with a Wii U. Could do with a friend or two!

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    BTM_Kiwi is my Nintendo Network ID. Enjoying the Wii U.

    I have the 3DS aswell.

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    Mine should be LinkNZ not LineNS.

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    I Zjetgamer

    Don't play online often more into local/split screen play but do play Conduit 2 here and there.

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    My ID is TALooN55

    Just picked up a Wii U so keen to get some people on my friends list!

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    NNI Haydinho

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    My ID is spelt keywee11 not keewee11.

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    Sorry sometimes I update on Android and it likes to "correct" things for me. Will edit on a PC shortly.

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    NNI kenshiroro

    Btw where do you create a club nintendo account? The us site or aus site?