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    Switch Indie Games

    So many awesome games out, or coming out, thought I'd keep track in a dedicated thread.

    I'm loving some of the current releases, many more I'm yet to play but damn what a backlog.

    Current releases I'm playing or have been playing:

    Binding of Isaac (I'd say this is in my top 5 games of all time)
    Stardew Valley
    Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Collection

    Games I'm yet to pick up:
    Axiom Verge
    NeuroVoider (I have this on PS4 but would be great on the go)
    SteamWorld Dig 2 (got excellent reviews, just finished the first one on PS4 + Vita so in cooldown for a while)

    Elliot Quest launched today, grabbed it and looking forward to playing:

    9 Parchments will hopefully be out this year:

    And this new annoucement for early next year was pretty much my motivation for the thread:

    Owlboy - out on Steam but due for Switch next year

    Honestly the Switch has changed my attitude towards indie games. At first it was a case that aside from Zelda there wasn't much that interested me so ended up checking them out but now I'm totally invested in a lot of these titles.

    Feel free to chime in with other favs or recommendations.
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    Shovel Knight and Binding of Isaac Rebirth are basically 2 of my most fav games of all time so obviously I'm all good with indies. Honestly I get a bit tired of the same old crap that most AAA games are full of now, indies are such a refreshing change.

    They're really filling out the Switch's library too, it's felt like every week there's more good stuff coming out than I could possibly play - and that is great! The cheaper price helps also.

    I think the only thing I don't like about indies is that as a collector I will forever love my physical media hehe. That's why I love when an indie game gets so big and popular they get one!

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    I've been holding off on Owlboy until the Switch release, so I'm excited for that. Golf Story's great and revisiting Stardew's been nice too.

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    Hollow Knight is another one I'm really looking forward too, they're taking their time but I'm sure once it finally arrives it'll be worth the wait!

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    There are more and more being added to the eshop all the time especially in the Coming Soon section. I see that Gear.Club has a price and date now, at least on the US eshop. It's a mobile game (just downloaded on my android for free this afternoon) so interested to see what it brings to the Switch - most likely no microtransactions

    I'm enjoying Elliot Quest so far, played a few hours, unlocked a few abilities. Only once did I get frustrated at being lost but upon googling, it was pretty obvious anyway. Lots of comparisons to Zelda 2 which I never played.

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    Golf story and steamworld dig 2 are both excellent and worth the money.

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    I dont have a lot of money at the moment so Im stuck between deciding to buy Shovel Knight or Stardew Valley... anyone able to recommend which one?

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    wow first I've heard of this, Moon Hunters, out this week apparenlty - will have to check the eshops when I get home for price and date:

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    ChrisNintendo wrote:
    I dont have a lot of money at the moment so Im stuck between deciding to buy Shovel Knight or Stardew Valley... anyone able to recommend which one?
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm real tough one coz they are so so so different.

    First off - are you considering the base game for SK or the Treasure Trove collection? SKTT comes with multiple campaigns (a different character in each, with slightly different levels but massive changes to playstyle).

    I can't comment on the single campaign so you've have to look it up but there's a challenge mode and I think another mode unlocked after completing it. I love the game, and I actually prefer the Specter Knight campaign for the abilities.

    SDV is ridiculously chill. It's a great game but farming doesn't quite grab me so I spend most of my time in the mines where there's a bit of combat and resource gathering. I was hooked out my brain for the first week but after that I just kinda.. stopped.

    So if you are basing it on price, I think SK: TTC is a bit more expensive than the vanilla campaign which would probably mean for you SK vs SDV? I'd go for SDV. Though if you were considering SK: TTC vs SDV, I'd go SK: TTC.

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    Also out this week, Poi. Currently available on other platforms, looks very Mario. Tough sell during SMO week but if you are on a budget, it looks fine.

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    Hooked on Quest of Dungeons at the moment, I keep going back to it even over Mario and Fifa!

    Finished the first dungeon last night, very addictive little game, satisfying getting higher level loot, doing quests, but damn the bosses are hard (though optional from what I can tell). Game is about $15 on the NZ eshop.

    Played Moon Hunters through a few times. Nice game but the Diablo comparison can be ignored. There's no loot or anything to pick up, just currency which you can upgrade your character abilities slightly for that run. Main problem so far is the INSANE load times, and major stuttering in-game. Devs have acknowledged this, patch incoming.

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    Watching that vid^

    I get it that it's a retro style game, but no weapon swing animation? Come on...Just headbutting stuff seems super lazy on behalf of the devs, coupled together with the stuttering and load times, the title just reeks of poor development.

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    The stuttering is due to the movement system in that every step is a 'move'. I totally get what you mean, but when playing it feels a lot more fluid. I agree with the attack animation however I use the archer that fires arrows so I rarely see that when I play. The thing I wish was in the game is I'd like to see gear equipped reflected on my character.

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    itey wrote:
    Golf story and steamworld dig 2 are both excellent and worth the money.
    I second this, both great games. Golf Story in particular really grows on you, I was so sad when it was over T_T

    Next swindie purchase will be Axiom Verge; once I'm finished with the November onslaught.

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    ^^ 3 games listed there begging me to buy but have has to staunch it out. October is a cruel month on the wallet.

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    Rocket League is out as of today I think

    Also the Switch port of RiME is out on the US eshop, but 18th for nz

    Loved the game (played on ps4) but looks like framerate suffers and potentially ruins the experience. Real shame.

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    Really enjoying Golf Story (still!); picked up Rocket League today too. Switch.

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    Love Golf Story! That’s been on hold for me for weeks due to a bug which froze my progress, but the bug was just patched so can’t wait to get back into it.

    I hope anyone who hasn’t already played Rocket League isn’t sleeping on it - it’s my fav game, beating out the likes of SM64 and Ocarina which held that position since the 90s.

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    Brawlout due within a month according to the devs twitter

    Looks like fun though the characters are pretty bland IMO. My son and I play a ton of smash on our 3ds's so it's a day 1 for us.

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    Wizard of Legend, coming 2018. Looks doooooooooope!

    Been really enjoying Portal Knights. Looks very minecraft but is more a lite RPG game with decent split screen and online co-op, timed quests, dungeons etc. At like $80 it's not really worth the asking price on the NZ eshop however (I paid $45nzd on US eshop).

    Funnily enough, 9 Parchments - the one I was really hyped for.. played the demo and was a little disappointed. Might be better 4 player co-op but I just don't see any replayability in it.

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    Brawlout is out.. today I think?

    Reviews aren't the best, it has a lot to live up to being a Smash clone, but it's also a pretty good price for what it is. I bought from US so probably unlocked tonight or tomorrow morning.

    The one thing that's bugged me since early impressions are the character designs. Outside of Juan or the HyperLight Drifter, they just look so bland.

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    Enter the Gungeon: $18 on the NZ eshop, cannot recommend it enough.

    It's either super hard or I super suck though - have never been past the 3rd level on Switch or PS4. If you are keen on Binding of Isaac, or would like to try it but want something cheaper, look no further.

    Only thing is the controls are a bit tricky as default - the right joycon is a bit low and can cause a bit of thumb strain. Has local co-op where you can use 2 joycons, with gyro aiming! Its insanely hard, have just tried it as posting, but a neat option.

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    Gungeon, Crawl, ooh my.

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    Brawlout so far is pretty decent but the grind required to unlock characters and stages is horrible and online is a laggy shambolic mess. Patch to come after the holidays apparently. Wouldnt be so bad if the grind didn't require online play but the daily missions to earn currency seems to require it.

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    I would recommend getting never stop sneakin I think it is only out in the US e-shop for now but worth playing. It is basically a metal gear inspired parody stealth game and you can play it with just one one joycon stick. Game is around 15 hours long