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    SirGrim wrote:
    Ask Cronicash he still has 4 Titans in Quad SLI

    Still works mint but running titan x maxwell, used to run original (isint it keplar?). Still runs most games around 80+ fps at 7680x1440 :P Still think multi gpu initiative is dead like Jayztwocents said. Should be heterogeneous multi gpu by now and software should see multi gpu as one card so theres no bs compatibility or proprietary coding. Were going backwards. I see navi has no multi support and nvid is meh. Profit margins are still acceptable imo with two main stream cards vs one premium for both vendor and customer to benefit. Sheeple struggle to mount two cards sideways so i guess that matters more
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    This news site is reporting that AMD will be launching an updated driver "soon" that enables native support for DXR on it's Navi cards:

    That means you'd be able to turn on ray tracing, just like you can on GTX cards.
    But with no hardware acceleration in the current form of Navi architecture, the performance hit would be similar to the GTX cards.

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    SirGrim wrote:
    But with no hardware acceleration in the current form of Navi architecture, the performance hit would be similar to the GTX cards.
    Find that rather naive, how do you think they can more efficiently implement raytracing on vega 2 generic raster intended stream proc units? Is this where doing more with less will outweigh some ott purpose built raytrace arch? Pretty sure intel were more into versatile programmable shaders looking back... Since MS xbox and PS (what ever is next) is already gloating raytracing i hold little hopes for nvidias current transistor bloat to accommodate DXR for now.

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    That’s an architecture change - current Navi would do DXR through software emulation.
    Only next years Navi will have the architecture change to accommodate hardware acceleration through a special instruction sets run off shader cores.

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    so they are running ray tracing utilizing DXR on cryengine now and its through pure magic? I think next years navi will be the same only faster but not be unable to do the same instructions. Scalable architecture, not forever changing like nvids every iteration? thats intels game no?

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    Software dev kit should be mature enough for current architecture in a years time i think is what your trying to say?

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    Since a complex raytrace scene can already be done with openCL on older AMD gpu's id be happy to eat my hat in saying that i reckon its more down to denoisers for now

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    From a production render GPU standalone engine that i use thats main investor is Nvidia which i utilize for day to day work is most recently noted for beeing innovative with speeding up unbias gpu rendering with denoise techniques and supposedly at the fore front, to watching the "quake" actual turing raytrace retrofit and seeing the TU102 finished before denoise. Not exactly ground breaking. If this were the case then they have allot of unimplemented code and hardware underutilized?

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    I wouldnt assume utilizing nvidia stream + tensor cores to be any more of a post proc emulation vs navi stream procs? If an emulation at all...
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    Except that Ryzen is better is heaps of cases.

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    Yeah that meme is a day one meme. Still funny though

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    pyronical wrote:
    Except that Ryzen is better is heaps of cases.

    That's what I was suggesting several pages back. I remembered that the 9900k gained performance last year in benches when they disabled HT, so I figured the 3900x must get a nice boost from turning off SMT as well. Is HT also turned off for the 9900k in this test?

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    Should I wait for revised B450 boards come out with Ryzen 3000 support? or is there a retailer who would do the bios upgrade as part of the deal? I called PBTech but the dude on the phone was pretty shifty about giving me a price of doing the upgrade for me.

    I know AMD are sending out mercy 200GE loaners for this purpose, but I'm not sure if that is available in NZ or not.

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    How much of a rush are you in?

    a) buy a MSI Mortar Titanium and flash without a CPU installed
    b) wait for the MSI max boards to arrive, which support 3000.

    I don't imagine the max boards will be THAT far away.

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    I guess waiting for the MSI Max boards would make sense (I understand they double the bios storage size, as the current boards are bit anemic).

    Are MSI a good brand? I've typically bought Gigabyte and Asus in the past so don't have much experience with MSI.

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    Helmut wrote:
    Are MSI a good brand?
    Comes down to specific products. All the brands make garbage and good motherboards.
    In terms of B450, the Mortar and Tomahawk basically have the best VRMs and heatsinks.

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    My B350 board is MSI, had it a couple years now. They seem to stay up to date with BIOS updates and fixes. Mine is a cheaper one but still has good overclocking options in BIOS. Will stick with them come upgrade time.

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    Silicon lottery now selling ryzen 3000 parts

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    Poor der8auer, AMD marketing think he's an Intel shill

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    Can't wait to see the 4.7x boosts that AMD have suggested is possible...

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    Because someone has to give the answers to the question that nobody asked for

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    I mean... its sitting at 100% but its not doing a bad job eh

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    Yeah it surprised me too, I did not expect a dual core could hold up, even at 4k with a 2080ti.
    Now they just need to re-test at 1080p :P

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    Hard to understand what a 2018 dual core can do.

    This is far from a perfect comparison, but interesting that it rates somewhere around an i3 Haswell...

    or an i5 Ivy Bridge...