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    nzbleach wrote:
    Hmm I see. What about the Radeon Fury cards they did? Were those GCN too
    AMD introduces GCN in 2011, some it’s first cards like the HD7870 that I owned used it
    Navi will be the 6th generation of cards to use GCN

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    Yep I know of GCN but I'm just surprised they're still using it. It must be fairly modified from its first inception though.

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    Intel is still using the same architecture from around the same time aren't they? Just tweak it here and there to get some gainz. I imagine they haven't had the money to start from the ground up. But they may have started that now, after getting some coin from Epyc/TR/Ryzen

    Can't really compare Vega 7 to 2080ti power wise either. The Vega 7 is a compute card, 2080Ti is a gaming card. AMD lacks what Nvidia has, high end gaming cards. But that's not a big deal, only really affects the price people pay for the top end Nvidia cards. Doesn't really affect most gamers. We don't actually know how much power the Vega 7 uses anyway do we? I haven't seen benches done yet. Navi will shake up the mid tier later this year all going to plan. I don't imagine the high end models being far off the Vega 7. Can't wait to see some Vega 7 benches in the likes of BFV. I don't need to upgrade, but if it would have me maxing my screen @ 144hz on ultra i'd be tempted.

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    I can't decide on what CPU I want yet so to buy some time I thought I'd buy my GPU and drop it in replacing my 970gtx. Out of the 2060's, is there one that seems to stand out? I want the reference version as I much prefer the cleaner cooler design rather than the trend of making them look like exotic super cars.

    Can't find one though.

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    I would look at temps and noise levels rather than what it looks like. Also coil whine.

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    The case for my new build is a solid slab with no side window so I don't have to worry about how anything looks (not that I do anyway apart from cables impeding airflow).

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    nzbleach wrote:
    I would look at temps and noise levels rather than what it looks like. Also coil whine.
    I'm not going to be choosing a card based solely on what it looks like, but it is something I'm taking into consideration.

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    The Gigabyte 2060 (triple fan setup) seems to look pretty decent and does well in reviews/benchmarks.

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    Modders building in RTX support for older games

    First up Quake 2 - FYI it's not just reflections like BFV - Quake 2 is using full real time ray tracing including lighting, shadows, reflections and more

    Make the game look massively different, pretty cool

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    Finally RTX owners can play Quake 2 to really show off their graphics cards...

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    It's a pretty neat proof of concept

    It's not possible to run modern AAA games in realtime with full ray tracing like that Quake 2 mod - and won't be possible for several years

    But that doesn't mean older games can't be modded and makes them fun to replay again

    Pretty keen to play Morrowind/Oblivion with this + a high res texture mod

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    So whats the go on RTX cards dying? Is that still a thing?

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    nzbleach wrote:
    So whats the go on RTX cards dying? Is that still a thing?
    Apparently not, was a bunch of the first batches.

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    +- 20% higher score than Vega 64 in Timespy and Firestrike (1440p and 4k benches)

    No point comparing the amd vs nvidia numbers because synthetic comparisons only work between the same architecture, but comparing vega 64 and radeon 7 is worthwhile and more accurate since it's the same architecture (Graphics Core Next 5th Gen)

    Something else of note is how the gap between Radeon 7 and Vega 64 gets larger as the resolution gets bigger, something which we've noticed on Nvidia cards, especially the rtx series - it appears that's because Radeon 7's extra bandwidth starts to flex it's muscle - the gap becomes rather narrow on the 1080p 3D mark bench, which implies Radeon 7 is likely aimed at 1440p or higher and not intended to be used at 1080p (or just not a good 1080p value proposition)
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    What can we take away from that ^

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    Nothing really. Wait for the legit benches as per usual.

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    Anyone have the scoop on when we will see the RTX2080 & to models with the AIO coolers? Having a tiny case means most of the current fan cooled ones won't fit and my current 1070 sounds like a hurricane when it's running on full fan.

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    The only listing I've seen is this one from MSI on preorder:

    No idea when any AIO will actually arrive, they've been selling in the U.S for over a month already so dunno why it's not here

    Alternatively you can create your own AIO by using a Kraken G12 bracket and attaching a CPU AIO cooler to your GPU

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    Yeah I was looking at the g12, not due for a while. Tried asking computer lounge about the AIO cards and got fobbed off with a "no idea there's a huge waiting list" not really answering the question. Will keep an eye on playtech for now. Cheers!

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    Another option would be to buy a second-hand 1080Ti.

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    Interesting heatsink design

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    Can you on-sell the games that you get with radeon cards? or is it tied to the system?

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    Someone posted their benchmarks early, looks like AMD is back in business

    Listings are up in Europe, cards priced at 750 euros, which is around the advertised MSRP once accounting for the heavy sales tax they have in Europe

    But at the same time those European retailers are reporting low stock - apparently the entire UK only gets 100 units, France gets a couple dozen units, Spain gets 20 units etc. So maybe NZ will get 5 units?

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    I believe these are based off the numbers AMD released and not off actual benching performed externally.

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    **** me video cards are expensive. 750 probably looking at $1400 here in NZ. You could get a 1080ti with the same performance for $200 less 2 ****ing years ago. What a joke the market is.