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    Teats! wrote:
    RTX 2060 starting at $650 here... thoughts?
    It is basically the 1070 at roughly the same price and performance -so meh?

    If they had priced it the same as a 1060 then it would be a no brainer but it is very clear we won't be getting better performance for the same price as the previous generation.

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    brand wrote:
    It is basically the 1070 - so meh?
    The 1070 has been getting faster then, pretty good accomplishment
    I don't think reviewers see this faster performance though, but obviously they are doing something wrong

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    Hmm.. interesting, I only looked at the one review and it showed performance much closer to the 1070 than the 1080ti:
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    Start from $650*

    NZ pricing issues on top of nvidia pricing issues.

    makes vega 64 look like a worthwhile alternative.

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    Yeah its more like a 1070ti/1080 than a plan 1070.

    matching a 1080ti is a bit of a stretch....

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    The price is only acceptable due to every other card from Nvidia being such bad value.

    If the 2060 is getting close to the 1080ti there is a bottleneck elsewhere.

    Lol edited out the 1080ti bit eh. Yet more BS from SirFakeNews.

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    If its as good as a GTX 1080 then @ $650 thats actually not too bad.

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    If 2060 = 1080, 2080 = 1080Ti
    2070 = ?

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    pyronical wrote:
    If 2060 = 1080, 2080 = 1080Ti
    2070 = ?
    2060 is between a 1070 and a 1080, 2070 is between a 1080 and a 1080ti, 2080 is basically a 1080ti maybe + 5%

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    pyronical wrote:
    if 2060 = 1080, 2080 = 1080ti
    2070 = ?

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    yeahboiwahoo wrote:

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    Adored reckons NAVI in winter 2019 (US summer) at "aggressive pricing"

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    Hey my dudes.

    Have read over this thread a little. Going for Nvidia + Intel still seems the popular choice? Planning new build and curious if AMD offer anything worth buying in a mid to high range space over Intel.

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    depends on how much and how long you can wait, the current 2700x is the best bang for you buck and overall chip and in a few months the 3 series is expected to stomp Intel's top end in both performance and price. But if you need a machine now for gaming, the choice is either a 8700k by Intel or a 2700x for AMD. The AMD is cheaper but slightly worst gaming performance but assuming you get the high end motherboard you can upgrade. The Intel is a dead end but should last you 2-3 years easily.

    Nvidia crushes AMD in most price points except the low end. No reason to look at AMD gpu atm unless you really hate nvidia. ( and that is a fair point )

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    Thanks man!

    I'm allowing around $600 for a CPU.

    That's some good advice re: buying a Mobo that allows for new chips. Cheers.

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    I have, and can recommend, the 2700x paired with the ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING mobo.

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    if you can hold out till about mid year (assuming you have a current system) when AMD drops their new cpu's and possibly gpus then wait till then as they're very highly rumoured to smash intel's line up and the mid range gpu section

    Else if its pure gaming 8700k+Nvidia or Amd 2700x/ high end AM4 + Nvidia gpu (or vega 56/64 if you find a great deal)

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    pyronical wrote:
    Adored reckons NAVI in winter 2019 (US summer) at "aggressive pricing"
    We'll at this stage it seems more likely than a 7nm polaris refresh. We've heard nothing about that which we would if it were happening instead, worse case is navi doesnt pan out and they have to sudden drop polaris 7nm refresh, but highly unlikely being navi is needed by the consoles.

    And assuming 2020 is when the consoles drop then e3 2019 or there after is when they'll announce/reveals

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    AMD finally needs to move on from GCN. It's bottle necked from the front end.

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    Could you elaborate? ^ I thought Vega and Navi are not GCN.

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    Thats the supposed Arcturus architecture coming after Navi

    Vega/Navi are GCN essentially tweaked

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    nzbleach wrote:
    Could you elaborate? ^ I thought Vega and Navi are not GCN.
    GCNs replacement architecture only coming after Navi in 2021

    It’s fairly telling that al the Navi stuff to date focuses on midrange- GCN relatively has become too inefficient to build a competitive ultra high end chip out of it anymore - see Radeon 7 (a gpu that pulls more power than a 2080ti despite being 7nm and the chip being nearly 3 times smaller) The brand new architecture after Navi is required and I’m sure AMD will be heavily focused on efficiency this time around so it can build competitive high end chips again - as they did with Ryzen
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    Hmm I see. What about the Radeon Fury cards they did? Were those GCN too

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    It seems fairly obvious when an architecture hits its limits.

    A die shrink only gives very modest gains (but probably increases yields).

    The only way to eek out extra performance is to "overclock" bumping up the frequency and power usage beyond what it was designed for and throwing out efficiency in the process...