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    nzbleach wrote:
    damn... Might trade me RX480 for a 1060
    Slight update to the previous PUBG talk. Jumped on the new map / test servers tonight and was netting ~80 FPS on ultra pretty solid. High was mostly above 100fps. Didn't see a huge amount of action, so YMMV. Could be worth trying test server with your 480.

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    Titan v benches coming out

    Overclocked Titan v with the stock blower cooler pushes fire strike extreme score of 15% higher than an Asus Strix 1080 ti

    So Titan v can be used for gaming but it’s a high premium to pay

    further information found:

    The titan v benchmarks were done using the latest drivers which added titan v support so no driver issues
    And its confirmed that titan v has no sli support
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    Synthetic results are not indicative of gaming results, especially when we're talking about a uniquely new architecture...

    The gaming benchmarks I've seen have been pretty poor as to be expected as this is not a gaming card; Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ashes are averaging about 30-50 less FPS than a 1080 Ti, Gears of War 4 is ~30ish more than a 1080 Ti.

    None of this really means anything tbh.

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    Zen+ Coming out q1 2018 Should be interesting to see what they improve on with 12nm. I am optimistic about Zen+ as Zen was a fantastic success story hopefully an IPC bump with something that can hit higher clocks.

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    1080ti is no joke son

    only tested tiny sample of games, being away from pc for couple years so my steam game collection is a bit aged, the newest game in there is Witcher 3, I think

    but so far did some testing on Witcher 3, GTA V, CS:GO and H1Z1

    Basically in all of these games 144hz @ 1440p was easy to achieve whilst maxing out almost every graphical option, some are stupidly easy - like cs go where 144fps @ 1440p maxed settings is only enough to give the 1080ti a 20% workout - yep, the gpu only sits at 45 degrees and 20% load

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    Yeah, put it under water though - it gets crazier. Under air this particular card was stable at +70mhz, while the last one was stable at +80mhz. They both gained +30mhz under water. But with the other one there was a hard memory limit under water at about +600mhz, this one got to that under air. But under water I've just hit +1000mhz on the memory. My last best Time Spy Extreme was 4653 with overclocked CPU and memory; I've just hit 4612 with stock CPU and memory. +100mhz core, +1000mhz memory - and Precision X can't go higher than 1000mhz. I haven't even touched the voltages. But I'm about to reboot @4ghz and see what happens...

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    More Titan V gaming benches released

    Looking at about 15%ish over a stock 1080ti

    Not bad, be interesting to see if Nvidia releases a gaming card on this chip in 2018 - cutting out those tensor cores, boosting clock speeds and custom cooling - could be looking at rather significant gains over a 1080ti me thinks