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    War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world.

    Anyone playing this? World of tanks style - but dogfighting.

    In global beta test at the moment and absolutely fantastic. Is 'pay to gain XP' but very playable without paying anything (which I do).

    Most fun on an online game I've had for a LONG time.

    GP Squad:

    Mumble server:

    In game - GP Username:
    Septlante - Eldon
    DumKopf - DumKopf
    moxnzl - Mox
    gamgetta - Gambit
    Therk - Therk
    ecksys - exis
    Rumor - Rumor
    Corka - CoRk
    JstaR - JstaR
    jdz - jdz
    PTKC93 - PTKC
    fruitcake - fruitcake
    Scx - who-took-myname
    MorbidNZ - MorbidNZ
    Driftit - Driftit
    FolCan - Folcan
    Kaze_NZ - Etern4l_Kaze
    Shepskii - Foxman
    Cobber_Kain - ekon bor

    Reply to thread and I'll add it to the list.
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    For a look at the game:

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    Yes I have this installed but have not played for a while. Its quite good and beats World Of Warplanes hands down. Tried getting other people into it but no1 listened so gave up. I am not real big plane sim fan thought so don't give it as much attention as flight sim fans would. Will be interesting to see where they take this game, not sure if its meant to stay 100% flight sim or not.

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    It's not really sim if you play arcade battles if I do. More of an arcade dogfighting game - but it feels good, has air collisions and does that 'big war' feel quite well.

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    Usually more into the sim side of things, but for an arcade game, this has been really fun!

    300+ ping hasn't been a problem, sunk about 3-5 hours into it and topped the boards a few times.

    Starting planes are just as fun as the later models.

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    This looks good. I'll be giving it a thrash tonight.

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    Just got 5 in a row in a Spitty with cannons, topped the server for the round.

    Playing with mouse and keyboard too.

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    Game feels very polished and well done..


    And of course these ships will be controlled by players.


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    how good is the control via a joystick?

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    Gambit wrote:
    how good is the control via a joystick?
    It feels alright but to be honest it's worse for the arcade mode (which most play). Mouse and keyboard is very well done here so it's easy to play it. I'm guessing that would be different on the more realistic modes.

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    how is it worse for arcade mode? it seems a bit daft if its different :/

    i guess ill just try both and see how they feel.

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    Well the control is the same. But they've done a bang up job with making the mouse control awesome. You can point your mouse in any direction you want and the virtual pilot will use the ailerons, elevator and rudder to get your plane pointing in that direction as fast as possible.

    Using a joystick will disadvantage you as it will introduce human error and generally be less precise.

    I believe the realistic battle games turns off the virtual pilot.

    I've got a joystick with me, and more than capable of using it. But the mouse battles have been refreshingly simple. You can still use most of the same flying tactics, lead your shots etc.

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    Just a FYI you cant pay for XP ... just a XP boost (50%)

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    Bloody nice looking game for a free to play

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    I have been playing with my XB controller, not so good. May have to go hunting for my old sidewinder pro.

    Anyone else playing with controller?

    The reason for this is my PC is hooked up to my TV in the lounge, not so easy access to mouse+KB.

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    Mouse and Keyboard is eazy peasy on the couch ^_^

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    Just from my last game - some of my favourites.

    FYI Nick is Septlante - add me for squad play.

    It automatically saves a replay so that's boss for screens!

    A buddy and I shoot down an enemy:

    Head on attack:

    Nobody wins:

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    Got my Stuka, siren and all ^_^

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    GP Squad:

    See OP (top of page).

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    Downloading now!

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    And I. This looks rad as hell.

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    Well, that was weird. I did the tutorials, controls were great and easy to use. I get into battle, and then my controls are inversed, and it's impossible to aim. What exactly happened there?

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    Happened to me in my first game too

    Just change invert Y axis in the controls

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    Pretty damm good fun!

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