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    A stab in the dark....

    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker / seldom poster so I probably wont get much of a response (just thought id ask anyway)...

    Long Read

    I am a teacher at a low decile primary school. I rather keep the school unknown at the moment - though cant imagine Id get in any trouble asking this.

    In my classroom I have two computers, running xp, they struggle to access the internet and aren't really much good for anything. Upgrading them is not a priority. Currently I use them for educational games before school or on wet days. Or for publishing work. This is a pretty crap use of them but as I only have two, and if I was using it for a more effective purpose, for 20 odd kids to all have a turn and get something completed is a bit of a mission. I would like to teach using these more but feel that I dont have enough computers to be able to put in an effective program.

    I am very tech orientated with my teaching, but as discussed am limited with the amount of hardware we have in the classroom and would like to do a lot more. Id like to do some film making / animation stuff and also use the computers for my maths / reading groups - there are some very effective things I could be doing - but with 6 kids in a group, its still not effective.

    I believe that it is important that children are using computers as much as possible in order to be prepared for the future. If I think back to my own education, my knowledge of computers and learning their use has come from home not school. Many of my children dont have this opportunity, barely having lunch every day of the week. As two computers aren't much between 24 children I thought I would see if anyone had anything lying around gathering dust that they were thinking of taking to the dump that they would give me. The type of computers that I'm after, or parts or whatever, would not be worth much on trademe, so maybe people are happy to gift them away....

    Now, I could have my school invest in more computers, I could also organise a fundraising activity. But we do this a lot and as it takes little effort to type up a post I thought id give it a go. I could also buy a few myself, but honestly I spend enough as it is (my budget for the year is 75.00 - I did some Christmas activities that cost me personally $50 for two days of craft, and Ive already spent $250 on stuff for setting up my classroom for next year)

    Now, I understand that I might get a better response if I had 20,000 posts or whatever, so all good. Like I said I thought id give it a try in case people had stuff gathering dust. I'm happy to pay courier costs or whatever (I live in Tauranga).

    Short Read

    If you have any old school computers that still work, or parts I could use to build a comp, would you give them me to use in my classroom. Thanks

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    1. Genuine teacher who wants to help out the kids in his class (needs verification by Tauranga user)


    2. Someone trying to get free stuff on GP

    Oh and the usual low decile school you gon' get stabbed in the dark ehuhuhu

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    I think you should advertise in the local paper saying what you need and what for, I'm sure you will get a good response

    Because you're a settler noone knows if you're legit or not on here

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    I guess you're Furyan!

    My turn!

    Seriously though, PM Magic Robertson.

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    Thats cool...I can verify, or try to! I have arranged an ad to be placed on the free day, but dont expect a good response....this is the place to ask I reckon! But yeah I def understand that it could be someone taking advantage....

    Im pretty well known on other gaming forums, so maybe someone can vouch for me.

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    ^have you asked on those forums?

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    Assuming you are genuine:

    You could probably cope with 5 - 6 computers (e.g. with 5 PCs you have 2 groups of 10 kids, 2 to a computer each getting a turn).

    You can get a half decent PC for ~$100 for such purposes.

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    If same Equity from ON3/ICONZ BF days then GC

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    You may want to say which city you are in.

    I know I've heard of some charities/organisations building PCs for schools like yours, some googling may find something.

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    Yes I have asked on those forums, just now, on3 - same post. But as I have been on here a lot I thought id try as well.

    Yes, I am ICONZ / ON3 Equity, Ex CSS admin etc.

    Im not after 5-6 computers, that would be too many for my room haha. I ideally want 2 more, and if i was lucky enough to get any more I was going to give them to other teachers.

    I dont really have much in the way of proof, just pics of my kids which I dont want to put up, and my license.

    I am in Tauranga I have googled those types of organisations, but yeah. My reason for asking on here is that people upgrade VERY quickly, and often hoard stuff. I know that I used to before I moved house! So I just thought people would have stuff lying around that they would be happy to part with

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    Therk, you say around 100 for the computer (id have difficulty putting one together at that price-but i understand what you mean), but then peripherals, and screens...starts adding up. I do spend a lot on my class, so try to save money wherever I can and just thought Id ask

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    From one school to another....if you can make the trip from TGA to Hamilton I can give you 5 HP d530 machines with 17" CRTs and keyboards and mice. Just pulled out from an upgrade i think they are P4 2.8Gz, maybe 1Gb DDR, 40+ Gb HDDs

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    Pm sent

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    I have access to a reasonable number of second hand PC's (ex business upgrades) which I am happy to donate.
    We are probably only looking at dual-core intel with <>2GB RAM and 19" LCD monitors. (Probably with OEM Office Pro 2007 licenses as well)
    I would be happy to rebuild the OS and package them up, but here is the kicker...
    I am based in Nelson so getting them to you could be an issue.

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    Hey OP
    If you and your students make a video of you and your students singing a song (which you must make up, but feel free to consult the masses for ideas) about GPOD, I will considering donating to this fund.

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    A teacher who lurks on the Vile Web Diary? Prepare to be struck off the Teacher's Registry.

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    wow GPOD coming together again

    FEELS GOOD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    MERRY F'n Christmas everyone!!!

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    kransky wrote:
    A teacher who lurks on the Vile Web Diary? Prepare to be struck off the Teacher's Registry.
    For thinking of his children. That bastard.

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    " teacher who lurks on the Vile Web Diary? Prepare to be struck off the Teacher's Registry. "

    haha yes some of you are very dodgy

    Have had a good response, thanks guys Appreciate it. I am legit...hopefully I can prove that to any doubters.

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    Backing Equity as a GC.

    Have met in RL also.

    In case you don't remember, Equity, it was at an xLAN back when you and SacrificialLamb were bumming each other.

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    Thanks Rii...yeah man I remember haha. Geeze that was awhile ago now

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    Macs in classrooms ftw

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    Equity, our company has recently been donating old PC's/screens to a few schools recently, we gather so much stock from upgrades and it's just pointless holding on to them. PM me your details and I'll see if I can arrange to get a few sent down for you.

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