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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    It's a label which far left activists who want to censor art with the bludgeon of Political Correctness called themselves. It's a useful label to get across in conversation exactly what people mean in a concise manner.

    I'm not surprised that ChrisB wants to put fingers in his ears and pretend that everything is fine. Far left social terrorists are out to co-opt popular entertainment that you love, use it to spread their political propaganda and then leave it in the dirt for dead for the next Popular Thing. Once Thing X that you were passionate about gets run into the ground and made completely unprofitable to the point where companies stop making it then you have nobody but your fence-sitting, idle self to blame.
    Imagine not only thinking this shit, but saying it on a public forum like a ****ing insane person.

    This isn't your safe space, snowflake.

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    Game reviewers taking bribes? Noooo, that never happens.

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    lol who the **** gave that game 95/100 even ""bribed""

    highest on metacritic is a 9/10 from these randoms

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    I've just ordered Onimusha: Warlords from amazon. I don't think I've ever played any of the Onimusha series. Should be a fun game when it arrives. Get to chop up zombies or demons like no tomorrow. Getting it for the Xbox One since it's not really getting any use. Hopefully more people will buy the game and Capcom will decide to release the rest of the series.

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    Damn son, the dueling tanks in the middle of the video is awesome. This game/mod has impressive particle effects and sounds to go with it.

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    Hell let loose is another game to look out for, i played the closed beta for it, while it needs a lot still added to it and bugs fixed, the games improved a lot since the alpha.