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    Where are Doom Eternal and Wasteland 3?

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    Anyone still play L4D2? Is the game still alive & kicking? After watching a few World War Z vids today it made me feel like going back & playing it.

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    Anyone know if GfWL activations still work?
    Friend has base game, but possibly get codes for the GOTY edition of the same game and I've got no idea if they will be able to be activated.
    Game isn't available on any digital stores any longer unfortunately.

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    They finally decided to use the movie theme music for the launch trailer, maybe they do listen to their fans afterall:

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    bradleycampbell wrote:
    Anyone know if GfWL activations still work?
    Borderlands 1 never was a GfWL game, it used Gamespy as MP middleware. When Gamespy was killed a few years back they patched in Steamworks.

    But yes, GfWL keys would probably still activate on Xbox Live. They're selling still GfWL games on Steam right now, like The Club, Tron Evolution, GTA4, Street Fighter x Tekken, Lost Planet 2.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    maybe they do listen to their fans afterall:
    Considering that they're dressing most of the female characters in more or less tactical bhurkas and ignoring fan criticisms on that front, I'd say no to that Chief.
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