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    Exactly my thoughts on the game

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    It certainly sounds like something I'd enjoy. Might have to buy this one!

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    I'm currently enjoying this with the gf, which's good cause she's not really a gamer; anybody can jump in and just have a bit of fun from the word go.

    I'm also really surprised at just how much 'stuff' is in this game; even for a DoubleFine title I'm pretty amazed at how creative they got with some of the gameplay moments and being able to fit entire open vistas ranging from mountaintops to victorian londontown in a cave without feeling inconsistent. Some of the humor is making me lol as well, while some of it is still a bit of a swing and a miss but that's okay.

    Only downside for me is the platforming, which feels pretty clunky while you can just tell they were trying to get it to flow nicely.... which's something DF seems to have a running struggle with across a few titles.

    Regardless of that though, it's fun and full of rich ideas despite a few mechanics issues; so it has the same opinion from me as Psychonauts and it's well worth a pick up.