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    Obsidian's CEO Feargus Urquhart recently threw around some ideas for a Fallout 4 spin-off. Apparently they're on good terms with Bethesda, seemingly regardless of the metacritic-royalties controversy (IIRC, this was revealed to the public by InXile's Brian Fargo, so he's the one who burned bridges with Bethesda).

    I'd personally love another Fallout from Obsidian, built on the foundations of Fallout 4's systems.

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    It will awesome if they come out with a good Fallout 4. Thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 releases.

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    I have no doubts that Fallout 4 will be good, Bethesda games have been hugely better with each release since Oblivion.

    I absolutely won't be surprised if it again falls short of the Fallout 1 & 2 legacy and we have to wait for another potential "proper Fallout" from Obsidian (aka more or less the developer of Fallout 1 & 2).

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    that sounds pretty awesome

    will be keen for it if they decide to go ahead with something like that

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    Always wanted a new fallout based on fallout 1 & 2, my sort of RPG.

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    Already talking about a spinoff? Where is the Fallout 4 info?

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    I'm so keen for FO4 and just as keen for an Obsidian version using Bethesda's work as a base. Probably my favourite thing in game development at the moment - Bethesda making a mint base game and Obsidian doing their own game using Beth's framework.

    I will always admit that Obsidian have a superior writing team, though Beth games do have their gems, but Beth set the standard and have the best world-builders out of any game development company (IMO) and manage to set the mood perfectly with their incredibly immersive, detailed and just plain beautiful worlds.

    If we wanted a truly perfect open-world RPG experience we'd have both Obsidian and Bethesda work together.

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    Or travel in time and bring the old bioware team into the future to work with bethesda.

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    The incline lately is making my head spin.

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    KrimzinZV wrote:
    Or travel in time and bring the old bioware team into the future to work with bethesda.

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    Agree with the above. More keen for Fallout Obsidian edition, but I have to say Bethesda are definitely getting better. These guys are probably my favorite games companies atm.