Stream of Consciousness Transfer Terminal V2

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    Should keep this one going instead of the one in OD.
    Fight the power!

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    You never even posted in the other one, just lurked the crap out of it

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    Skorky wrote:
    Punkbuster keeps on kicking me, I tried another manual update - I guess I'll find out soon if that works....
    Yeah that's what I had, I manually updated and it fixed it

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    Yeah I just played through most of a game without getting kicked, think I'm all good nooow

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    [size=0.1]Just going to hang in here cause socts is being weird and poochat has too much circlejerk for my liking.[/size]

    And who'd think in elementary?
    Heeey! I see the penitentiary, one day

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    Yeah socts V1 is fucking weird at the moment

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    Posting in both threads simultaneously would be very confusing

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    how did I get here

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    Something to do with your mother and a pipe.

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    jdz wrote:
    socts V1 is fucking weird at the moment

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    Been rocking no shirt all day

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    Somebody needs to return socks to normalcy, this is all very peculiar and I don't like it

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    jdz wrote:
    Yeah socts V1 is fucking weird at the moment

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    Socts V1 is back to equilibrium now.

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    we need a socts cs clan, we can scrim with pmc.

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    how did i get here i'm not good with computer

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    ehehe i forgot about this

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