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    I've had similar things happen to car semislicks at the track. A lot of heat and some rubber picked off the track.

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    darkness_nz wrote:
    No deep tearing. Just what you see there, with the trailing edges of the grooves wadding up like you see. Didn't see any other tyres doing it that badly. Though my grooves go to the edge. Most others had a slick section along there.
    Looks like you have both a rebound and dampening issue, Youre showing signs of both rebound being too fast and too slow. Plus watching you mid corner the bikes going up and down. I dont have the answer for you because i havnt done it in a long time but do something to stop that pogoing.

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    Well I sold my car and replaced with a Prius and a 2018 Suzukii GSX150 with only only 1300 km's.
    The dude was awesome and chucked in helmet, gloves and jacket/pants for an extra $100. All up was $2300, so can't complain.

    Everything was pretty much brand new so figured it should be a easy as bike to learn on. Currently keeping at my parents until I'm confident enough to ride it back home to Muriwai.

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    Michael Dunlop's back riding Tyco BMW's new S1000RR superbikes for this years road racing season. He hasn't announced his plans for the other classes yet but I'm guessing he will be building his own MD Racing supersport/superstock bikes again.

    Should be an interesting TT this year. MD, Hicky and Harrison should all be fighting for wins like they did last year. Anstey and McPint will be back, and Hutchy will be fully fit again.

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    Got a new one. Pics forthcoming.

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    Anyone Christchurch ways keen for a day ride mid next week? Akaroa? Summit? West Coast?

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    Got out for 30 mins last night in the low light first time since I bought it last week, The GSX150 is really light and real easy to ride, just took it around the back streets of Lynfield for a few laps with almost no traffic. Did a few starts and stops etc. 50-60kmh was real easy to handle but I think going to 80-100 will take a bit more time on the seat. Bummer that i only get 30 mins here or there on a Tuesday to get on it.

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    It's a bit of a step to get to established riding gear, but then you' be out 'erry day

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    Another NC30!

    Bought this one off a fellow enthusiast who isn't riding as much lately. A few scuffs on the fairings, but mechanically mint, and with the very hard to find HRC full exhaust system.

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    Nice !

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    The guy who runs Motorbikes for Sale NZ on Facebook tried to sell it (people offered him up to $30, then he responded that he was offered $7,000 last time at which point everyone laughed), got no bites then shut it down.

    So I've just started another one if there's any lost souls out there who don't want to pay TradeMe fees.

    Going to do things slightly differently and try to reduce the garbage like, "Free - Looking for offers" and "$1 - Wanting $7000" and cut down on the annoying non-selling posts.

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    I'll sign up, currently looking for an entertaining project to dump some time into.

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    suntoucher wrote:
    193 members in less than 24 hours isn't too bad

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    EZAS wrote:
    193 members in less than 24 hours isn't too bad
    Yeah, hopefully it picks up further. For this kind of stuff a bigger population means more options and it will be genuinely good to have an environment where it's easy to find what you want, without getting flooded with garbage posts and cliffhangers (Free or $1 posts wanting offers).

    If it turns out alright then I'll make like a Car one, and similar which is why I gave it a name at the beginning, so people can search for that and be safe in the knowledge they're joining a group where all the garbage is filtered out first.

    I hate having shit like this pop up on my newsfeed.
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