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    Thats almost as bad as seeing Shannon Ryan's pits on celebraity treasure island.

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    Replaced two carb bodies on my NC30 as the needle jets were ovalled quite badly. She's running beautifully now, it's amazing what a small fueling change can do to how the bike feels. The actual horsepower difference probably isn't much, but the power delivery feels a lot smoother which makes the ride more enjoyable.

    Now I've got the fueling, exhaust, and suspension set up nicely, it's time to look at cosmetics! It's running factory fairings which are a bit scuffed up in places. Might have to order some factory colour spray cans for touch ups...

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    Factory colour spray cans?

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    You can get anything matched and put into spray cans.

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    Zarkov wrote:
    Factory colour spray cans?
    Specific colour codes from manufacturers, I am looking for N196 Honda white so was wondering if there was somewhere I could just order a can of it.

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    Finally bought some bike boots as sick on my sneakers and socks getting soaked and being gross all day at work.
    FC-Moto only charged $30 NZD for shipping and they came from Germany to NZ in less that a week!

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    They look like the business!

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    Got the chance to ride a 2019 636 and a 2008 R6, back to back.
    It was really interesting to feel the difference between the two bikes. Both are sports bikes in the 600(ish)cc class but both had completely different engine and ride characteristics.

    The R6 felt like a barely legal race bike, which it was intended to be. The 636 felt like a sports bike intended for a bit more comfort and power lower down. If that bike was a fair representation of how all 636s feel, I definitely need one!

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    My cr85rb expert is now pretty much restored. Just need to redo seat cover.
    It was a rusty mess when I got it

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    Was at the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride this morning to have a looksee at the bikes.

    There were some beautiful bikes there, here are a couple of customs that really stood out for me:

    Not sure what the engine was in this, but this frame build was amazing. Love the heat marks from the welds being used as part of the aesthetic.

    This XV750 was really nice. Shiny chrome usually isn't my cup of tea, but was very tastefully done here.

    Apologies for the photo quality, only had my phone!

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    Damn that last bike is sweet.
    I was thinking of doing a custom bobber out of a gn250 frame and slapping a 450 motor in it.

    Also got my 8 year a new bike and we all went riding today which was awesome.

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    Hey ludez, just so you know, you'll be able to go into your camera options and turn that overlay with the phone/camera info off. My Xiaomi MI 8 had that on by default also.

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    I had a peek in Experience Motorcycles on Friday at lunchtime as saw some beauty looking bike, brand was SWM.
    I think it was a Gran Milano model (looks a little bit like the ones a few posts up)

    Looks sick as **** in my opinion and only 7k brand new, when you guys go for test rides, do you need to bring all your gear or do they usually have helmets etc to borrow?
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    Was it on special? because its says on their website they are $8990 + ORC, which seems pricey because the RRP is actually 7k in Aussie, and our dollar is worth 92 percent of theirs.

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    My mistake, they've got a different model for 7K and the Gran Milano for 8k
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    My R1 is up for sale if anyone is interested, I'm getting a race bike instead.

    Very tidy example with 53,000kms on the clock.
    This bike has near brand new tires that have only done 500kms of commuting and has had the cam chain tensioner replaced with a manual one. It has Brembo front and rear master cylinders and they feel and work amazing. The bike will be sold with at least 3 months on the rego,the WoF is current but will expire in January. It will fly through a warrant check.

    Oil change was done 5,000kms ago, bike is always kept in great condition. No issues at all. Viewing welcome
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    I've pretty much always been a 2 stroke guy, primarily mx bikes as the power delivery is damn awesome when giving it heaps. I did own an rmz250 and that was fun but not as good as the 2 smokers.

    But recently I had the opportunity of purchasing my first Husqvarna and it's a 450 4 stroke. The thing is an absolute torque monster, can rooster tail and power slide at the lightest of throttle. I'm a small guy at 5,6 and 70kgs it's a pretty hard machine to handle but it's a hell of a lot of fun

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    Went for a burn up to Russel over the long weekend, 98% of the passing lanes had a cop or a speed camera sitting there. Thats not about safety.