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    FrostiBoy wrote:
    edit: awesome pic on the mouse, did he jsut let you snap it?
    Pretty much, he's been living with me a while so I guess he's used to me. We have this agreement where if I don't bother him, he cleans up any food I spill.

    [Project H3]

    Starting to feel the cold, so decided to double glaze the windows...

    ...with carpet underlay and duct tape.

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    FrostiBoy wrote:
    got a source? so i can remove trees that arn't endangered or native that are on my land?
    Doesn't even matter if it's a native anymore, as long as it's not scheduled.


    It's a ~2 min phone call to get them to check if there are any scheduled trees (or trees protected by covenant) on your section.

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    Some of my work on the house for last couple years we have owned it

    installed dryer on wall above laundry tub and vented it properly outside the house

    Some handrails on a deck that didnt have any. Will entually change trellus to be link the other side as per pic below. unfinished - still doing ballusters down stairs tomorrow, extend garden up to meet, add paving stones etc

    other side of deck. stairs and handrail. side garden boxed in. got rid of trellus and used decking timber for boxing in under deck. about 15m of drainage coil leading to the pit we put in where we did the paving. about another 12m off it leading down under deck, and thru undeveloped area of house out to front of house drain.

    fencing. was originally close spaced hedge. was around 2.5ton of tree taken to tip and ~80-90metres of fencing put up around property. also around 25m of drainage coil dug alongside fence and down towards front of house to get rid of issue of neighbours having no guttering on that sunroom thing.

    couple of boxed in gardens and a path leading from front to around back by deck

    box in what was a few stones thrown around that was a bitch to mow added a ton of rocks too

    large garden which ive been too lazy to get out with line trimmer for last few weeks to tidy up

    built this to pop fireplace on as didnt want to pay $400-500 for the ones they sell for them. From memory, was $30 for the hardiesheet, $20 tiles, $10 grout, glue etc, $10 odd for the timber surround and i already had the stain for the timber.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    done about 6 extra gardens with wooden surround, and topped up existing ones with piles or bark. planting a pile of trees and fruit trees.
    rewired house for network ports and led it all back to a cupboard where i keep router, NAS etc

    Now current project is remove gib in games room, insulate walls and regib with noiseline for nursary.

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    Nice work wiggly

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    anyone made a pizza oven????

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    Corruptfacta wrote:
    anyone made a pizza oven????
    Ask me after Christmas

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    bas wrote:
    Ask me after Christmas
    making one from scratch or buying a kitset?

    you in Auckland? :P

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    Corruptfacta wrote:
    making one from scratch or buying a kitset?

    you in Auckland? :P
    I'm leaning towards building one from scratch. I looked into it a while back and found a good set of free instructions online that I think I'll use. I am based in Auckland but will be building it out of town.

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    MoistTurtle wrote:
    [Project H3]

    Meet my flatmate, Gerbil.
    I'd close those gaps up in the insulation around it's edges or it's pointless doing it.

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    Corruptfacta wrote:
    making one from scratch or buying a kitset?
    I'm leaning towards the free plans these guys supply: https://www.fornobravo.com

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    bas wrote:
    I'm leaning towards the free plans these guys supply: https://www.fornobravo.com
    cheers for that.

    some nice ovens there.

    will let you build your one first before I decide haha.

    Would really want one for the summer.

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    My only big DIY has been when I was made redundant a few years back, had three months off and nothing to do.


    Have made a few changed since then, got up to 15 goldfish before about 10 of them died. Added in a three way filter behind the large rock at top which is amazing and keeping the water clean.

    Would have done some stuff differently if I had to do it again, still need to get some nice trellis to cover up shed/fence and plant some nice rock garden plants.

    I would love to do a pizza oven as my next project, I love making pizza.

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    Games room turning into nursery.... it begins ripping of gib to insulate walls and regib with noiseline.

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    Some progress on games room to Nursery conversion

    Gib off. 75mm external walls. only 50mm internal walls with mdf non weight bearing... but geez!!

    Insulation roughly in. Did plenty of trimming and nice fitting before gib went up also can see the added power points and aerial etc in the cupboard which backs onto TV in bedroom

    Gib is on. first layer of stopping done in most places

    Sanding and cleaning up ready for next layer of gibstop this week

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    not trying to be a dick - but definitely use construction glue vs screwing in the middle of the sheets, saves a bucket ton of finishing and possible nail pops etc. Also, the insulation looks bunched at the edges - if you crush insulation it basically makes it worthless; the air between the glass fibres is actually what does the work, not the glass itself.

    Looks really nice - the difference insulating the walls makes is pretty amazing. How does the noise line do, cut much noise? apparently secondary glazing is pretty awesome for noise reduction as well, and is much cheaper than double glazing.

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    Yea I fixed all the insulation before walls up. Noiseline is damb heavy apparently lower noise but all docs recommend using 2 layers I didnt have money got them for 27 a sheet so was cheap enou

    Yea friend came after and told us to just glue insides so some panels which arent shown are screw nail outside glue inside but only on 1 wall lesson learnt for next time.

    Was gonna do horiz too but the spaces are wierd and would have wasted alot of gib so just did vertical except in that one space where it worked best

    Will look at double glazing in future but I had quote of 800 odd I think

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    [Project H3]

    Ceiling GCSB is watching you internet.

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    Good thread.

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    Builts me a dog proof fence (It's not a big dog...)

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    I'm going to attempt something like the picture below, this will take me yonks to finish I believe so might be a while before I get some decent updates in

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    Jewjew wrote:
    Builts me a dog proof fence (It's not a big dog...)

    That is a snazzy looking fence, well done.

    Attempting a bathroom refit shortly (including replacing tri-board walls with proper gibbed ones.

    Will post before-during-after pics shortly.

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    Jewjew wrote:
    Builts me a dog proof fence (It's not a big dog...)

    That's pretty well done

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    Cheers. What you can't see (Shitty photo is shitty) is the pailings are held in place by 19mm beading all around, they're not actually secured to anything directly. That way they can shift around with expansion and not crack stuff too much. Next step is the driveway gate which will be much of the same but 1.75m high (Fence in photo is 1m). That'll be interesting to make as imma gonna try put some fancy ornate bars in.

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    Knocked a concrete fence base out maybe 8 months ago. Hire of the breaker & skip totalled around the 250 mark IIRC, vs 1500 & upwards for contractors to do it for me.

    I left a tiny bit in the ground at about half height, as thats where the toby box was & I didn't want to risk chopping through our water main. I also dug out mini trenches on either side so that the concrete would break away more freely. It was quite solid stuff even without that reinforcing.

    Jackhammers aren't as hard to use as many people think, just keep it upright, have a solid stance & keep the blade away from your feet. With the spade bit on that thing would chop through tree roots, and the reinforcing steel.

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    This thread has so much win.