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    A good paint should be ok for 10 years.

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    Equity wrote:
    If its the fibre cement cladding, doesnt it usually they just need to be painted every x amount of years to ensure that they remain water tight? But thats not protecting against surface water / immersion...just rain lol
    Isnt it the plaster cladding where painting for water-tightness every x years is crucial? Didnít think it was as crucial for fibre cement weatherboard planks?

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    Depends what the edges of the planks are doing in terms of water tightness.

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    Fibre cement does not like water on cut edges.

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    Just a quick question regarding renos, I have a 50's state house in an un-cared for state. I have plans/ideas for renos, however I have no money/ a super tight budget. Now the incredibly tired toilet has started to leak from a crack in the underside of the cistern. My question is, do I replace the toilet and look at re-doing the bathroom at the same time as this will save me money in the long-run, or can I just get a new toilet and get it installed and then continue the reno further down the line as planned, with no added cost. I have no plans to change the layout of said bathroom, just to slightly update it, and rejuvenate as required.

    This actually didn't turn out to be a quick question.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    You could possibly temporarily repair the toilet depending on how bad it is and whether you can access it easily. See YT for tutorials.
    A photo of the bathroom may give people an opportunity to better help. There are so many variables to your question especially as were working on limited information and assumptions.

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    You could do a temp repair...however personally Id just replace the toilet now with the one you want when you do the renos. Then renovate the rest of the bathroom / toilet later. The only thing that would make it hard is if the toilet is not a standard is it raised on concrete, or is the bend non standard - however a plumber would more than likely be able to make it work.

    Taking it out when you change the flooring is simple as, or you can just lay tiles around it. If you are changing the location of the toilet then you will have to do the same amount of work - mays well do that all when you do the full reno.

    Get onto it quick...if its soaked into the floorboards then you could end up with a much bigger job than a toilet replacement.