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    Awesome good to know. What Red Wings did you pick up? I'll definitely go this route then if I can get a pair landed for around 350 ish!

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    Except in cigar colour (more tan)

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    I would love to grab a pair but I am worried I about the sizing. Has anyone had issues with the sizing of Redwing boots? Would i be all good to order my usual shoe size?

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    Lightning69 wrote:

    Except in cigar colour (more tan)
    Nice! I'm after the Black Cherry version of these ha ha (or the 8111 Iron Rangers). I presume you order in US size correct? I'm a 10.5 US normally in sneakers etc so I think I'd aim for a 10 US?

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    Hey mate, I used this site to help me take a gamble...

    I got a pair of clark's desert boots and adidas stan smith so I used this site to help me pinpoint the right sizing.

    So I ended up going for 9.5 because my clark's desert boot is also 9.5.

    Perfect fit.


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    Sweet, cheers for the info bro I'll keep that in mind. After looking at the cigar variant you ordered I'm going to have a tough decision to make! There's not a lot of options in my size at present though so I might hold for a bit and see if they restock.

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    Hey guys I hope you don't mind me bumping this, I bought a couple of pairs of boots (Red Wing Iron Rangers and Chippewa) that don't fit me so I'm trying to sell them, both size US 10, here's the link to the thread for anyone interested :]

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    Gutted. I'm a 42-43 size so I suspect these are too big for me as well.

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    I'm about a 44, and would love both of these kicks, but sadly can't afford ... Same with mac_one_oh's watch. Being a financially responsible adult f**kin sucks at times.

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    wo0o0oooow these shoes are so pretty! I can't stop watching them!!!

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    I got me some red wing boots (iron rangers...) they're great... But I want something I can walk for miles and miles in, ideally in the snow. So I'm thinking about some Danner Arctic 600s.

    What do you reckon?

    Also, thread necro but hey I'm a content creator. Name:  Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 22.14.51.png
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    Never a necro on a HOF thread.

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    Make me admin again.

    Also these boots are 260 so I might pass.. Dunno how much use they'd get