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    1) What model to you have - 4s 64 GB
    2) What made you buy it instead of the alternatives - already purchased many apps, games and sound systems with the apple connections, if I change phone platform/OS I loose it all. (hopefully the new adapters work with the older apple connections)
    3) How long do you intend on keeping it - it does what I need currently, so im still happy with it.

    my wife has the Iphone 5, and after seeing that, and many of the other phones on the market, I still prefer the Iphone 4/4s physical size and feel.
    the UI is still fast and responsive too

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    Just discovered iBooks and then thought why would I want to read books on a small screen and have to put on my reading glasses to read them. Then said "sheesh, I have to use reading glasses anyhow with normal books". I also found a few free books are available.

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    cooljojo wrote:
    Just discovered Battery Doctor Pro on Cydia and its awesome.
    This is a fantastic app.

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    Guess I'll contribute.

    1)iPhone 4 16GB Black
    2)It's actually a hand me down from my wife. Smart phones didn't appeal to me until I got this phone, now I kinda get it.
    3)For the foreseeable future I guess it'll either die or I drop it. If I did upgrade it would be for a bigger and better screen probably android.

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    Iphone 4 and above can use IOS 7

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    1) iPhone 5 16GB
    2) It was given to me by work, I would have chosen an android device.
    3) 2 years from when I got it (December 2012)

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    1. Ipad Retina 4th gen wifi/3G 16gb

    2. Didn't buy it, won it in a comp. would of got an Android tablet to complement the phone, but free is free and this is a great device very happy with it. Can't imagine me getting any current android tablet over this tbh.

    3. Till it dies.

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    Anyone had trouble txting Australian numbers off their phone?

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    1) iPhone 5 32GB
    2) Performance of the entire system and beautiful design (hardware and software)
    3) Another year or two

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    Looking at getting an Apple TV one day, has anyone got one that they have used with their other i-device.

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    Hi, is anyone selling Genuine Apple 5 Earpods? The New version? I want to buy one for a good price? I don't want a fake one, just a genuine one. Thanks! I don't know where to post it so i'll post it on the iPhone forum.

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    Looking at getting an Apple TV one day, has anyone got one that they have used with their other i-device.
    probably just keep on refreshing this webpage everyday

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    1) iPhone 4 - 16gb

    2) At the time, there was no other smartphone that was as kitted out and as sexy as the iPhone 4. Android just wasn't near as polished a iOS:4 was back then.

    3) I hope to upgrade this year, to either a HTC One, iPhone 5s or a Nokia Lumia 1020.

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    1) iPhone 4 - 16GB aswell.
    2) Had an HTC Legend and lost it. Was starting a new job where I'd benefit having an iOS device, so my parents were kind enough to buy me one as a graduation gift.
    3) Until it stops working really. A smartphone is a smartphone so I don't really see the need to keep up to date all the time; still does more than I'd bargain a regular cellphone to do.

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    1. iPhone 4
    2. Had an Android before, everyone in family had viber and was important to make overseas calls so I switched. Viber then came out for Android but I stuck with this phone.
    3. It was until the phone just keels over but after years of use, I am just over iPhones for a variety of reasons. Have ordered an HTC One 64GB.

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    I've just been playing around with the iOS beta 4, mainly with panoramic wallpapers/lock screen. Does anyone know of a way to download panoramic images so that your phone recognizes it as a panoramic and not just a normal photo? it seems you can only take panoramic images and not download them...

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    How is it? Do you mind giving a small review?

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    1) iPhone 4s
    2) I got it for free because the earpiece wasn't working, easily fixed, again for free.
    3) Until the next gen of phones come out or I get sick of it and go back to my Lumia 800.

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    1) iPhone 5 16GB black
    2) only me..
    3) At least 1 years

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    1) Iphone 4s 64GB
    2) Easy syncing for me because I use Itunes for music and not too fussed about customization like android
    3) Used for almost a year but probably switching when a new Iphone comes out

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    iphone 5
    screen size
    until iphone 16 lol

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    -iPhone 4S 64GB.
    -Appealed more than the alternatives (straight from a crappy nokia to this).
    -Had it since release, probably keep it another year to two if I can help it.

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    iphone5 32gb

    was offered it cheap from my friend, build quality more l33t than an s4

    a long time

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    Chance of IOS7 tomorrow?

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    iOS 7.0.2 is now out.