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    i have experienced the stand down for password recovery a couple of times with staff at my work, it is even worse for the user if they have multiple devices on the account shared across family members when trying to recover the account. Gives me a chuckle when in desperation the apple fan cant wait and creates new accounts and spends days calling me for support as they discover apps and other accounts/MFA all need to be set up again and it impacting on their billing, end result faith in apple eroded and credentials written down in a notebook.

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    Apple could not make it more simple

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    i got two missed facetimes from Canada earlier today, They wouldn't have heard anything other than netflix but its still creepy AF.

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    Want rid of my 8+ as its too big but canít afford the XS. Iím heading to the US for work next week and can pickup a refurb 256gb X for $1200 NZD so the same price as they go 2nd hand on trademe.

    Pretty sure the unlocked us iPhones are all good in NZ yeah?