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    brand wrote:
    How much is due to the customer finding out a fitbit doesn't automatically make them fit?

    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    I bet a bunch of them didn't pay attention to the fact it is only water-resistant not waterproof.
    And this.

    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    I've had my Charge 2 for nearly 2 years - must have gotten lucky.
    Likewise. Only reason I don’t use it now is the strap died and my missus got me an Apple Watch.

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    The website is a little tricky in it's translation from Finnish to English

    But I believe the percentages are units returned for RMA OR for other reasons

    So they don't paint an accurate picture of how many broke due to manufacturing issues during the warranty period
    Some of the returns could be for reasons like ordering the fitbit online, picking the wrong size and then returning because it doesn't fit
    Or buying those A7X speakers which are full size bookshelfs and releazing they are too big for your PC desk and returning
    For the Seinheiser headphones, they may require 6 inch plug and amps to sound good and people may try to plug them into their smart phones, then have to return it

    Just guessing as to why people return those things in pretty big quantities

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    So who is having 2nd thoughts about cloud deployments in aussie?

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    Vulcan wrote:
    So who is having 2nd thoughts about cloud deployments in aussie?
    Our company is.

    I’m in NZ but the company I work for is a large us corporate who look after several Fortune 100 companies. We are in the middle of moving all our DCs from on prem to AWS and a large component of that involves Australia companies. We’ve already been told to hold on those while corporate due an “impact assessment” on this new law, which basically means everything in the Sydney region is on hold.

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    Yup, we had a discussion about this yesterday. It's not so much about the potential for aussie snooping, but the effective lessening of their security posture by compromising the security controls that let us use cloud (encryption at rest, encryption in transit).

    Sure you might not snoop on us, but what if AWS needs to allow snooping for a different user in the same Sydney DC? We know how good govt is at keeping secret security tools/backdoors (see Wannacry).

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    Man I miss <5.5 inch phones. My (small) hands basically mean all larger handsets require two hands for operation

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    Same. When I broke my 6s last year I went for an 8 plus instead thinking it would be nice. Yeah the screen is good but the size of the phone is so unwieldy. I was hoping they would release an iPhone they sort it size but nope, XR is not much smaller than the + and I can’t justify the cost of the xs.

    Although the wife’s SE is pushing it haha

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    Lethargic wrote:
    Man I miss <5.5 inch phones. My (small) hands basically mean all larger handsets require two hands for operation
    My main reason for holding onto the 6s is a small phone that has some power in it.

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    Console games... meh... ban from thread please.

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    Uhuh I’m pretty sure there are several pc games on the list

    And I’ve posted in a general technology thread, not a pc thread

    Take the elitist bullshit elsewhere
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    My 14 year-old nephew wants to grow up from his PS4 Console (with a 2018 Xmas VR set) and join the big boys with his own gaming rig this year. He wants to save up for one, and probably a small contribution from us and his parents. I estimated that for a reasonable system he'd be looking at $1,500-2,000 case plus the cost of a display, after looking around at various custom build retailers. I think a custom build would be the better bet as this will allow for future upgrades. e.g. I am still using my 2008 case, albeit with new PSU, CPU, MB, RAM and 2 Video card upgrades and numerous disk upgrades. But that 2008 build cost me over $3,000

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    Wait till he has saved up then, will be some decently priced gear out by then.

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    Yeah ... I was thinking the same

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    How accurate is Joulemetter? Say's I'm using about 120watts only actively using chrome. 150watts playing Dark souls 3 (although I have only checked by alt tabing out and it's on the lowest settings).

    Seems a bit low, especially when gaming. At this rate it would take 7.67 hours to reach 1kWh, which is roughly 22cents iirc. And here's thinking my pc was a large chunk of the power bill.

    If it was me buying a new rig, I'd just buy second hand, at the very least for components like the cpu which you would likely replace before it dies. First hand on average isn't worth it. Do you buy a first hand car? Inb4 unfair comparison.
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    SirGrim wrote:
    Take the elitist bullshit elsewhere
    That's a bit rich from you.

    I skipped through that video because stuff watching 37 minutes of these guys blab on and on, but how on earth is 30fps impressive even at 4k?

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    Poor apple shareholders, but why does everyone blame china for their woes?

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    Corporate life, shift the blame to anyone but yourself.

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    Nice work HP. 2 huge boxes sent air freight for 5 sheets of A4

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    Puk wrote:
    Nice work HP. 2 huge boxes sent air freight for 5 sheets of A4

    Had a pallet/server box for a power cable once, boy did we laugh

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    Oh look one those people trying to get BST access with useless posts.

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    SirGrim wrote:

    Take the elitist bullshit elsewhere
    I know you have problems but pot calling the kettle black much?

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