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    }...VeXeD...{ wrote:
    Because you wouldn't really notice to performance difference. Plus if you get the k version you can just OC it.
    I'm running a 3570k and use autoCAD almost everyday and it's fast as ****

    Where as with the i7 you only really need that for video rendering that can utilise the hyper threading.
    You find that the 3570k smashes all the 3ds max work we do?

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    We never used 3ds max, we were taught to use rhino so I've just been using that.

    And to be totally honest we have barely done any design work this year so far, been all practise management and mapping.

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    Do you guys not use 3ds max for rendering the work from Rhino?

    I suppose it wouldnt matter too much, just got to have a nice plug in for Rhino.

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    Nope, we must have had really slack tutors as they just told us to do it in photoshop

    There are a few in my year that can use 3ds but they knew how to use it from high school.

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    Jamie has had us living in Rhino and 3ds this half of the trimester. She's a hard taskmaster but we've all picked it up really well.

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    Yeah we had Rhys who was an absolute c*** when it came to that stuff. Taught us the basics then bitched and moaned when we didn't know what to do later on it the project or how to use a program a certain way.

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    He seems like a right prick in general. It appears the first year's are using Rhino already, they'll probably end up over taking us in the next few years :S

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    Wow didn't know that, must be the third year bubble I'm in, don't really see or hear much of what goes on down there.

    Should probably start up skilling so this new lot don't have the upper hand in the job market.

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    }...VeXeD...{ wrote:
    Wow didn't know that, must be the third year bubble I'm in, don't really see or hear much of what goes on down there.

    Should probably start up skilling so this new lot don't have the upper hand in the job market.
    was in 319 earlier this week and first year arch kids were learning all about grasshopper and shit.

    You guys are going to have to keep on your toes!

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    When I was in first year they were over the moon if you knew how to use sketch up, how much things change in a short amount of time ae.

    I still like drawing my plans and things out first then use computers to do more detailed stuff.
    And even if they can use computers better than us in the future doesn't mean there designs are going to be any good.

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    Excellent support from D-Link for a 3 year old router my parents needed diagnosing today. All fixed in a under 15 minutes.

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    “Like it’s console-centric counterpart, the updated Kinect for Windows sensor will offer a range of improvements over its predecessor. These include a 1080p color camera replacing the original device’s VGA sensor.
    Microsoft will be showcasing the new Kinect for Windows sensor’s capabilities at BUILD 2013 in June, although the device is not set to be released until 2014. Pricing has not been announced”

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    Catalyst 13.6 Beta is available.

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    Any noteworthy changes?

    Not really a fan of running beta versions of CCC as they seem to always be pretty unstable. Even for beta builds.

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    Lots of problems with this, but yeah. One for the collectors.

    Google's VP8 taking multiple hits recently

    Oh yeah, anyone using VoxCommando + XBMC. Is there any free alternative to VoxCommando? Just wondering.

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    Had a look at the Surface Pro the other day, looks pretty damn nice. Very clear screen and the keyboard wasn't as flimsy as I imagined. If it wasn't for the price and battery life I probably would've bought one. Hopefully the latter at least will be fixed in later iterations of the device.

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    About time Google implemented the same automatic rules I'm sure many of us have been using for the last 10 years to the masses

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    It's nice to have the tabs at the top, but not sure If it will be much of an improvement on what I already have going.

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    It won't be any different for me, but I'm clever. The majority of the people though who use gmail have no idea what filters/rules are so for them it will be amazing and I'm sure thats who they are targeting.

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    Yeah us power users have already done that, it's probably good for the gen pop who all just have one massive mess of an inbox.

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    If you click on settings, then go to configure inbox it will enable the new tabs.

    Just applied it to the missus account (she has like 10,000 emails all in "inbox") and it works a charm. Good job Google bringing this to the masses who need it.

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    10000 emails in inbox was the point of Gmail. Not sure if that ever changed but I'm pretty sure the line was similar to that during invite-only days.

    Problem is people still don't understand Filters/Tags and so have this compelling need to micromanage emails. ugh. so much wasted time doing it that way.

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    Now Google is doing it all for you, so you don't even need to bother with it. I've still got every email ever sent to me in the last 7 or however many years, but they all sit in the "archived" folder, inbox is always empty.