TNA/WWE/Wrestling Thread Attempt 2, RIP 1st Thread

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    Wrestling thread?

    Where did the wrestling thread go? It's PPV day!

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    real injuries there?

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    well i thought that was ****ing brilliant, lesnar ftw

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    must have been pwned in the forum fail

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    You could have re-created with a better name?

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    Ryback match was a cop-out

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    Shield matches were awesome. Ryback / Cena wasn't terrible. Trips/bork was boring. Jericho/Fandango was alright. I wish they would drop Summer Raye and used the brunette who is actually hot and can also actually dance.

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    I fell out of my chair laughing when Mcguillicutty walked out.

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    I thought the cage match was mean lol but thats probably because I like a brawl more than technical wrestling

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    triple h deserves an oscar

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    Can Triple H retire now please.

    Also, I dont care about Super Cena, we all know he'll be back in time for Payback and will win it like he's never been injured all along.

    Atleast The Shield are the champs, about time.

    Hoping McGillicuty/Curtis Axel gets a decent push as he does deserve it. Still eagerly awaiting The Wyatt Family.

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    They should have let Axel get in a shot before they faded to black tbh. Trips should have put him over a bit more.

    In saying that, i have no idea what these people see in Axel, he always struck me as bland.

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    He has potential but I dont think he's on the same level as Lesnar, Punk etc.

    It woudlve been better to have Wyatt, RVD or even Orton as the person. RVD could've made his surprise return that most people are expecting or Orton could have shocked everyone by joining forces with Heyman or Wyatt who is amazing in NXT (Yes im a fanboy of his) could of had a much stronger debut.

    Hell even Ryback would've made sense. Oh well, WWE Logic.

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    Hullitude wrote:
    ...could of had a much stronger debut.
    Could have had.

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    RVD might be a heyman guy, but his time is over, no sense bringing him out as the next big thing. Dude's matches are all exactly the same. Orton works best as the loner heel, Wyatt doesn't need a spokesman, his mic skills are awesome on his own. Plus i really want the to bring the Wyatt family up with him.

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    Good points all around.

    The question is where will he start? Surely not in the main event picture and with Heels holding most of the belts they can't exactly put him in feuds against them.

    I'm guessing we're going to see a few weeks of squashes then a Kofi Kingston match.

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    I didn't see RAW, but maybe I should have?

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    TonTo wrote:
    I didn't see RAW, but maybe I should have?
    Layla is a serial groper, I've been following the case very closely for many months.

    She even brags about it!

    For now I will continue to study my investigations very thoroughly.

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    have to say heel ryback is growing on me

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    He's so bad, he almost comes around to good again. I hope tossing people in ambulences becomes his new gimmick.

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    Ramza wrote:
    He's so bad, he almost comes around to good again. I hope tossing people in ambulences becomes his new gimmick.

    I want to see him vs Brock Lesnar in an ambulance match at next year's Wrestlemania (assuming The Rock retires from WWE this year)

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    actual lol from me

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    So over Fandingo now