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    Forza is the only real reason I even own an Xbox360. I wish I could justify an Xbox1 as well as the PS4 I'll inevitably be buying as I've never liked the Gran Turismo series, but I don't see it happening.

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    Finally a Forza game with some decent lighting effects. Provided the screenshots are real and not just more CGI bullsh*t...

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    I'd be pretty surprised if they were realtime (largely just by looking at the detail in the last shot). I can't see them rendering real-time gravel in that detail, but happy to be proven wrong.

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    What with GRID 2 axing in car views and ruining it for me, Forza 5 seems to be the last option for a good racing game\simulator

    I am interested to see what they do with Forza 5, whether its just more of the same, with some more cars and maybe tracks, or if they add more features and game modes

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    It's a shame it's not coming out on the 360, it won't sell well on the account of it being a launch title.

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    They need big name franchise titles for launch. Forza is about the only real Xbox-only franchise (other than Halo) that Microsoft has. They need something to sell consoles, and Forza5 will probably be adequate bait for many people.

    Halo 4 came out that recently that unless 343 have a "Halo 4 Super-HD remix" release on the cards for the Xbox1, that this may be their only exclusive for a while. (I can't imagine any of the annouced EA/Actiblizzard stuff remaining exclusive for long, if at all)

    But yes, if it was released on the 360 then I'd be inclined to keep it a while longer.