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    Which roaster do you use for coffee beans?

    Looking to try new ones

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    Big fan of coffee supreme (Wellington) and locally in chch C4 and Lyttelton coffee co.

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    I'd add Coffee Lab in Auckland to that list. Just had some nice coffee from them yesterday

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    Thanks will try those out. I ordered last night from Eden Coffee which I quite like. Reckon I'll try coffee supreme next.

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    Harwthorne coffee is generally my go to but I'm always trying new beans from all over the place.

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    Three Bean Coffee is run by a school mate of mine and while I don't confess to being a coffee connoisseur I have always liked the taste of his brews.

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    Coffee Lab wairau park Auckland

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    Rocket in hamilton. Not sure if there are any other roasters in hamilton tbh

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    It all depends on what you can get locally though, best if you can buy it from the roastery so you know when it was roasted/when it will be best etc. Wet processed(fermented) beans are best though! That's with regard to how they extract the bean from the cherry.