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    Add me, im horrid though.

    redhotkilla (i was 12 ok)

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    Give us a Add keen to play with fellow kiwis


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    add "arwnz" or "ADIDAS"

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    pretty sure its that one or skytech

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    I'm always keen for some CS:GO competitive. My steam username is the same as my GP username; add us up for some games!

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    add me empiredgm

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    <-- phal

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    username: BURN_BABY_BURN
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    Keen to have a few games
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    Hey guys been a while since I've been on GP. Looking at renting a csgo server monthly sorta thing. Are there any NZ providers? Alternately which Australian providers have you used/tested and any recommendations ect? (I'm aware of the service GP offers but looking for a dedicated host)


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    #39 or streamline are generally the go

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    Please carry me,
    Thank you.

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    I can not understand

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    add me for MM, ranked MG2 atm

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    that's good !!!

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    Hey guys,

    Our clan ALMOST. are keen for scrims on CS:GO

    Add me on steam for scrims, we are keen for weekly games: falleNZ[st]

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    Used to play quite a lot of 1.6, recently got GO on sale and have been playing a bit. Pretty average but if anyones looking for someone to play with add me


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    Been playing quite a bit lately so hit me up if you're looking for a GOod time

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    have you guys ever played against someone called Adam >? I heard he's very well known in the oceania region and he is really annoying to play against

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    dak dak Dylan, bought account plays with ppl usin names BigDog/Cat, know cheater but a good player, knows how to hide it but known cheater, overwatch prob wont pick it up, talk **** to him, get him thinking ur mad and make him hack u harder, report 8times, force him to mega bs u and to let overwatch to see it. player by player game by game we will win