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    Fuark somebody make a team with rasp and vent!! Strong players

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    I'm DMG level but stuck at Silver 1. Pls help

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    rasp, i still remember the day we were on IRC waiting for steam to be released :!

    (xruptince) btw

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    Xruptince yeah man same here... fun times

    Floating between MG2 and MGE currently... MM solo queuing sucks :|

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    Steam alias: Galileo' - I'm super keen on some MM with mature players, sick of people with no mics and receiving random abuse via text chat PLEASE feel free to add me on steam, I'm currently nova 4 but i have been de-ranked from MG2 because of solo que , feel free to check out my screenshots on steam
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    Alias: Kiwi.
    I have two accounts, one is DMG level and my main is my smurf which is nova. I'm mainly looking for anyone keen on playing regularly, but also competitively.

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    Looking for some chaps to play MM with tonight. DMG

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    I have one of those 5 year veteran medals........ That means I'm awesome right?

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    Nick the dancing man is here!

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    Back into cs now . dmg-le please add if your a similar rank . Cheers
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    Done my 10 and got placed in DMG. If you're LE-Global msg me for duo

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    Need some MG to DMG players for some MM if anyones keen PM please, playing now (8.50pm NZT 8th April)

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    Hey guys,

    Just to let you peps know got my own Retake server up a 16 slot server, custom weapon paints(currently in testing), Custom Knives and Model skins with RTV and 128tick

    All is welcome.


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    add me msb - LEM/SUPREME or look up ABILITA in groups and add from there.

    basically ABILITA boys still jamming. LEM/SUPREME/GE

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    i've been enjoying the old match making recently no cheaters in sight for a while.

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    I'm new to csgo & looking for people to play with. Only played 15hrs hit me up if your keen I'm still learning maps and gameplay.
    Steam name:CasualKiwi

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    I'd add you but I don't think you'd want to be playing games with me, you'd be up against a few higher ranks.

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    Fair call, I am still learning so I think being in higher ranked matches I would get destroyed. Also I dont wish to get boosted I want to learn and get better.

    Thanks anyway and I'd always be happy to play some casual games if your keen.