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    Gold nova 2

    Also looking for team to play with.

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    Hi Guys,

    Gold Nova 3-4 ranked team looking for other teams to practice scrim against.

    We usually have team practice at 8:30pm on Sundays but can change the day if needed.
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    Also looking for 5th for Megaweb comp

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    Been playing CS:GO for two weeks now, going up and down the MG's as I learn the game.

    Looking for people to play with, getting a bit sick of whingy Australians.

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    sE wrote:
    nek minute, everyones cs accounts get hacked on hotmail
    oh i cant show my account then my name steam skinigxe_alice, find me

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    utu4u feel free to add me, im always down for a game for csgo or 1.6

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    anyone keen to play right now? MG2 close to MGE

  8. Red Faced

    Looking for team/people to play with

    Keen to start taking this game more seriously, looking for more mature players 18+ currently unranked as i'm not really enthusiastic about all the cheaters :-) was LEM back in the day though! 1700 hours, so i'm alright i suppose... Willing to start paying for ESEA again just don't really have anyone to play with

    My steam user name: GLOCKJUMP - URL:

    Please feel free to add me, even if you just want to play surf/casual i'm usually active! Just say you found me on here

    Really hoping to see some of you online soon!

    - Jordan

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    Edit - posted in wrong thread and don't know how to delete on phone.
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    Currently MGE, just looking for some others to MM with, no ragers please

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