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    Hi Guys,

    Gold Nova 3-4 ranked team looking for other teams to practice scrim against.

    We usually have team practice at 8:30pm on Sundays but can change the day if needed.
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    Also looking for 5th for Megaweb comp

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    Been playing CS:GO for two weeks now, going up and down the MG's as I learn the game.

    Looking for people to play with, getting a bit sick of whingy Australians.

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    sE wrote:
    nek minute, everyones cs accounts get hacked on hotmail

    [email protected]
    oh i cant show my account then my name steam skinigxe_alice, find me

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    utu4u feel free to add me, im always down for a game for csgo or 1.6

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    anyone keen to play right now? MG2 close to MGE

  7. Red Faced

    Looking for team/people to play with

    Keen to start taking this game more seriously, looking for more mature players 18+ currently unranked as i'm not really enthusiastic about all the cheaters :-) was LEM back in the day though! 1700 hours, so i'm alright i suppose... Willing to start paying for ESEA again just don't really have anyone to play with

    My steam user name: GLOCKJUMP - URL:

    Please feel free to add me, even if you just want to play surf/casual i'm usually active! Just say you found me on here

    Really hoping to see some of you online soon!

    - Jordan

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    Edit - posted in wrong thread and don't know how to delete on phone.
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    Currently MGE, just looking for some others to MM with, no ragers please

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    >>My steam profile<<

    Currently going between S4 and SE but wanting to improve and one day hit GE.

    I'm tired of groups who don't communicate and just get rekt every game because of it and cause others to derank.

    I'm 28 and wouldn't consider myself an idiot


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    Really hoping to see some of you online soon!

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    Yep that time of the Year again!
    Another Awesome Weekend of Gaming, Drinking, and you get to meet and take the piss out of us in person.


    Forum and more Info

    Check out the photos on the website! This Lan Its a Very Social fun event!

    Register for a Invite
    Lan event is R18 Invite only.
    Don't Miss out Register for a Invite
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    pha wrote:
    Give us a Add Xender Discord Omegle keen to play with fellow kiwis

    please to add deathguise
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    Anyone here play community Servers?
    I love a blast on something like mg, zombies and occassionally TTT (although I feel its full of kids sometimes)

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    aEth0R wrote:
    This thread is for posting your steam username for CS:GO match making.

    Included below is the names of people who've already posted this information (that I could find);

    Audacity Find My iPhone Origin
    lets roll, been enjoying go so far
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