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    cool but the previous videos were cooler

    come at me gwarden

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    That was a pretty crappy trailer. Bring on the game!

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    Why does Frankin's voice actor mumble in all the trailers? I don't even know what 407's are.

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    not a bad trailer, the others were just much better

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    The Illuminati all-seeing-eye @ 0:20

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    arr wrote:
    Why does Frankin's voice actor mumble in all the trailers? I don't even know what 407's are.
    He says 401k which is like a tax return in the States I believe.

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    two 4/5 min gameplay trailers are a hard act to follow but this one stopped me from jonesing for a bit, gives you a slightly different take on the narrative.

    now just need the next two weeks to GTFO so i can start engaging with this epic game/pulp film/tv-series/choose-your-own adventure platform.

    Gwarden wrote:
    Hoping for the Kavinsky Nightcall-esque station.

    Rolling Stone scored a good sneak peek soundtrack interview with the lead soundtrack supervisor, also includes samplers of various stations such as Vinewood Boulevard hosted by a couple guys from Wavves
    doooope - the radio for this game, let alone the motherloving film-style score, is too good.

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    Chimera wrote:
    He says 401k which is like a tax return in the States I believe.
    The 401k is the American version of Kiwisaver.

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    Trailer did nothing for me but meh. Enough vids out to secure my preorder.

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    Awesome trailer, got a better perspective into the story.

    So hype.

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    Underwhelming trailer, by Rockstars exceptionally high standards.

    Probably good it's not as splooge worthy as the big gameplay trailer.. I don't know if my personal hype meter/ticker could have handled the jandel with the wait to be honest..

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    Brilliant final trailer tbh. They know they barely need to sell the game anymore so its just a quick, fun celebration.

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    My least favourite trailer from the official line up, did it's job .

    I think the last one was just SO good, it was kind of hard to follow the act up with another killer.

    GOD DAMN, I'm gonna go full nerd retard and wear my Los Santos New Era, N7 armour vest and California Games edition boardshorts when my CE arrives*... just cause

    * If my Los Santos 'One Size Fits All' cap doesn't fit my noggin, expect a small nuclear like explosion to emanate from the Waikato on the morning of September 17, I suggest bomb shelters for those in the immediate area

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    I'm sure they will have a launch trailer. Rockstar have been pretty generous, releasing more than five trailers which some include gameplay footage and a lot of information about the game. GTA IV only had about 3 trailers iirc, as none of them had gameplay footage. The only videos of gameplay were leaked online a week or two before release.

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    This has to be my favourite one.

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    Gwarden wrote:
    This has to be my favourite one.

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    That's what we're doing now? Bouncing?

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    Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer for.


    SO ****ING SOON.