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    All Whites v CONCACAF 20 Nov? I thought it might've been something else.

    White Noise Uncovered seats are $20 to $60. I think a little scalping is going on

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    $60 tickets + Ticket fees?

    didn't know there were any less than $60, they must suck pretty badly.

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    I think sitting in the White Noise section cheering for Mexico would be pretty awesome. Especially so when NZ get shellacked

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    Hope you get stabbed, traitor.


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    It's not easy having divided loyalties, but I've always supported Mexico in World Cups so don't see any reason to change.

    Although having said that, Winston Reid's extra time goal v Slovenia was my favourite World Cup moment of all time

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    I've always supported the Netherlands (have a Dutch background) but if it was NZ v the Netherlands there is no way I would be going for the Dutch.

    Was born in NZ + we're always the underdogs - how can't you support them on that basis? Seems strange to me.

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    Cos football is the only world sport Mexico is half decent at. I can support NZ in rugby, cricket, league - everything else. Also in general terms, CONCACAF nations play more attractive and skilled football than Oceania nations.

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    I may have talked my way into watching this game from a corporate box and meeting big Winny Reid after the game today. Thought you guys might like to know

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    Mexico 1 - 0 Panama late in the first half

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    HOLY SHIT what a goal!

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    GOL GOL GOL GOL Mexico 2-1

    Sorry gaiz, looks like All Whites are playing Mexico.

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    Holy shittttt

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    Fking missed it. Golazoooooooooo

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    Jeez, fair play to Mexico; great goal

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    Reminds me of Rivaldo's goal when playing for Barca

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    when wc fever comes to gp tormenta's feelings are gonna get hurt

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    WC fever is damn right. Bigger and better than the Olympics and RWC put together IMHO. Am already excite.

    There's an extremely slim chance of Honduras finishing in fourth in the CONCACAF.

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    Tormenta there was booking fees plus couriers.... But even then $5 on a $60 ticket is hardly scalping...

    The tickets are sold out, and they're close as to the field. $20 was a childs ticket price I am pretty sure....

    Anyway the pressing matter at hand is on Wednesday 2pm NZ Time we begin to find out who we're playing.

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    Sweet as.

    NZ_Herald wrote:
    Mexico can still sneak into third if they beat Costa Rica and Honduras lose to last-placed Jamaica, while Panama can claim fourth if they beat the United States and Mexico lose to Costa Rica.
    Unlikely outcomes. Mexico can finish third and get automatic entry if it beats Costa Rica (possible) by two goals and Jamaica beats Honduras by one (improbable).

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    Hope it stays like this much prefer Panama than Mexico.

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    Holy fking shit Costa Rica just scored a golazo.

    Costa Rica 2 - 1 Mexico early in the second half.

    Edit: Goddamn Mexico nearly strikes back. Best qualifying series ever

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    Interesting turn, it'll be Mexico still unless Panama get a goal, or does it come to goal diff? So cunfuzzled.

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    Almost looked like Mexico not.

    **** me. 2-2.

    Mexico lucky ****s!

    **** me 3-2.

    Panama hopeless

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    Thanks USA

    Holy shit and they scored again!! USA 3-2 Panama.

    Mexico would've been left in fifth place if Panama USA tied? This is what I'm getting from this rabid commentary