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    Haha oh ****! Panama bottled it!

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    These Spanish dudes are talking about Mexico v NZ now. It's on.

    Brb saving up for flights...

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    Hah i got a spare ticket carnnt CelticKnife got one as well haha.

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    The Mexican guy commentating on my stream sounded so depressed until news of the late drama came through.

    GL All Whites, going to need it.

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    shit just got real

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    Tormenta wrote:

    Thanks USA

    Holy shit and they scored again!! USA 3-2 Panama.

    Mexico would've been left in fifth place if Panama USA tied? This is what I'm getting from this rabid commentary
    Mexico needing a favour from the US to get in...must be hating themselves right now.

    If Panama held on when ahead 2-1 then Mexico would've been out. They were 2 minutes away. You're very lucky.

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    Valeo wrote:
    Mexico needing a favour from the US to get in...must be hating themselves right now.

    If Panama held on when ahead 2-1 then Mexico would've been out. They were 2 minutes away. You're very lucky.
    lol yep. Which makes the All Whites very unlucky. But hey, at the end of the day it's 11 on 11 and Mexico won't like playing in NZ much... stranger things have happened.

    Thanks USA, we forgive you for taking 45% of our land now

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    (90 + 2') Graham Zusi
    (90 + 3') Aron Johansson

    Daaaamn, Panama. BL

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    ‘We love you forever and everrr! God bless America!’

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    Bahaha, that commentator is brutal, giving shit to Mexico and praising USA for saving them.

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    Junior All Whites got spanked.
    They had a good leadup

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    Oh well, the Aussie senior team got spanked 6-0 twice in a row (admittedly against Brazil and France) if that makes you feel better.

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    Rename thread.. GP vs Tormenta

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    New Mexican coach has left Hernandez and Dos Santos out of the squad because they are apparently not in form at the moment. Oh well, can only be good for us.

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    Yeah Chich had a shocker.

    Biggest danger for NZ is their being outpaced, outskilled - they probably need to mix it up physically, play a defensive game in Mexico City and hope for a draw there.

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    Hernandez was suspended for the first leg because he got too many yellows anyway.

    And agreed Tormenta - need to defend well; but I can't really see us doing it without Nelsen being there saving us every 5 minutes. Reid is a good player but he just doesn't have the same propensity to make the other players around him lift also.

    See the U17's put in a much improved performance against Italy - unfortunately having a penalty saved and going down 1-0.

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    How good is the Mexican league? Comparable to MLS?

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    It's pretty good, thanks to an influx of South American players. Dunno how good MLS is. Vucetich coached my club Monterrey to several championships so I'm not sure why he sucks all of a sudden :/ Was a political decision most likely, the new coach is in charge of America (Mexico City's favourite team and the team everyone else hates). He should've put Orozco in at goalkeeper though, that dude is amazing

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    Was looking, they confirmed the game in Mexico yet? Need to know if I'll be in Aussie (most likely).

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    Mexico v NZ Wednesday 13 November, 2.30 pm (Thursday 14 November, 9.30 am in NZ) at Estadio Azteca. They fly out that same day for NZ to play on 20 November at 7.00 pm.

    Mexico team announced; notably, Chicharito and Dos Santos are omitted.

    Edit: Mexico 4 - 2 Finland in the final friendly before meeting NZ. Ominous.

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    Yeah I just don't think it's gonna happen this time :/

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    I just hope we get the result away either 0-0 or 1-0.

    Stranger things have happened in Football. All depends on that overseas result....

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    Mexico has just lost Hiram Mier to injury and won't have any Europe-based stars playing for them. Maximises NZ's chances I suppose.

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    Not picking European based players is just bizarre, the Mexican league might not be A-League level crap, but it is still crap compared to the big European leagues. The fact that we will go into this game with more players from top flight clubs than Mexico is almost surreal.