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    Don't see the issue, its just the in game celebrations

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    I just think its a tone deaf gaffe. Sure it's advertising the celebrations in the game, but it looks like it should be selling Kinect. The stereotypes don't help their cause, not enough to make the ad offensive, but enough to make the ad cringeworthy. IMO at least.

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    many in the games and media industries are scrutinising depictions of women in videogames
    Nah just 12yos on tumblr

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    Christ, how long is this "everything's misogynistic" click bait trend going to carry on for (not just GP, all gaming media). We get it, everything can be sexual objectification or hateful against women if you hold some sort of obscure feminist paradigm that lacks any sensibility for reason. This discussion doesn't need to come up every time an image, article, video or game features an attractive woman simply because the target demographic happens to be males. This isn't a news worthy article, it doesn't stimulate meaningful discussion on the topic, it doesn't assist in any sort of greater good or even provide new information on the subject. instead it's goal is clearly to use the theme of possible misogyny to ignite a debate in the hopes of generating ad revenue, it's literally the most shallow and thoughtless approach to the issue possible, and it's no wonder gaming "journalism" is viewed by many as little more than a comedic term.

    How about for once writing an article dissecting the proposed "misogynistic" content, presenting the many view points on the subject and then asking the readers for their input. At least then maybe you can stimulate some sort of meaningful discussion on the topic and set yourselves apart from every other flash in the pan news story seeking media outlet on the internet.

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    Anything can be offensive to the right (wrong) mindset.

    The color blue can be offensive.

    ^ also what that guy said

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    Ressurrectin wrote:
    The color blue can be offensive.
    it is to those who wear red at least in otara

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    I'm not sure what that has to do with Fifa.

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    Well, it got me watching it, and made me aware that Fifa 14 is out ...

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    THe only offensive thing about this ad is the scripting and acting.

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    The Muel wrote:
    THe only offensive thing about this ad is the scripting and acting.
    QFT, seriously awful.

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    dat accent is terrible, sounds like she just climbed out of the aussie bush

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    Hang on I just watched the video, where was the offensive part? Seriously I don't even see how feminazi's would call that offensive.. O_o

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    Video games are played by more then just teenage males and have been for decades now, so could they please stop pandering to them in video games marketing.

    It shocks me that a person who uses the term feminazi can't see why someone could have a problem with this.

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    Ehhhh Sexy Lady...
    Op, op, op, op, op,
    Oppan Gangnam style

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    I saw 0 misogynistic tones in that video.

    What I did see was a marketing group who should be fired for completely missing the mark and making an utterly stupid production.

    Also, that filthy Aussie twang. It played like the brainstorming session for this consisted of everyone watching the Kath & Kim seasons back to back.

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    I'm more offended by them wasting my 2 minutes with this

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    If you really can't see why this ad is misogynistic then you need your grey-matter recalibrated with a pipe-wrench. I personally don't find it offensive; it's just another disappointing indictment of the state of the video-game industry. However, I challenge anyone to argue that it doesn't objectify women.

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    Dafuq is this? Goddamn awful, its offensively bad. Rest is pretty standard and nothing to get excited about.