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    2 scary

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    They took the shooting out of a first person shooter?

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    Is this because of the fame Outlast/Amnesia are getting atm?

    I love Bioshock to bits but keep it as a FPS please.

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    This is about them truly exploiting two huge things about their games. The absolutely gorgeous, atmospheric and immersive cities they create and the utterly fantastic characters they end up with time and again.

    I'm glad they're doing something different, Elizabeth is an awesome character and I love the idea of being able to play as her, learn more about her, and also learn about Booker (another of my favourite characters to come from this year) from a different perspective.

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    I'll wait till I play it to truly judge it.

    I'm rather harsh on Survival Horrors considering there isn't really that many good ones being produced anymore. (Besides the two listed in an earlier post)

    Still the Elizabeth side of the story will be interesting and fun to play.

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    One of the best characters ever. Man, that was such a cool game.